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10 Tips for Passing the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET)

By on Mar 11, 2009 in Education | 361 comments

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After reviewing for the Licensure Exam for Teachers and passing it, I decided to share my ten LET passing tips here on my blog. These tips are essentially helpful if you decide not to enroll in a review center and just review on your own to get a license for teaching.

# 1 Know your weak and strong subjects/classes.

Allot a few hours each day or each week to review the lessons for classes you did well when you were still in college. Enjoy this review time so you can easily remember what you are re-learning.

Allot more time, however, on classes you were weak in. Well, at least if you are weak in mathematics for example, make sure you don’t miss reviewing the concepts that will be tested in the General Math part of the licensure exam.

It will be easy to find out your areas of weakness. Check the grades in your transcript or assess yourself which among the classes you took you don’t remember much about.

See my pointers to review based on PRC’s table of specification (TOS), which was available for download in first week of June 2011.

Also read the coverage of the exam with schedule.

# 2 Understand the major theories, concepts and techniques in Professional Education subjects.

Understanding the theories and concepts by heart will allow you to answer questions that are written to confuse you. There are times that you have to choose which among the situations on the choices will be logical based on theories or concepts mentioned or implied in the question.

I didn’t have any teaching experience when I took the exam so I really based a lot of my answers on what I remembered from my college years.

See some pointers for Professional Education subjects.

# 3 Strive hard to improve your analytical skills on answering questions.

After you reviewed the theories and concepts, you should test your understanding by differentiating and explaining these in your own words. While reviewing, rephrase ideas and think of actual applications.

For example, in methods of teaching, allow yourself to compare method 1 with method 2, then ask yourself why method 1 is preferred than the other on certain situations.

Ask yourself  questions like:

Just keep asking yourself regarding whatever you’ve just read on your review. Analyze and answer in your own words. If there are questions at the end of each chapter of your book, answer those questions.

Enjoy this process so you will remember.

#4  Review General Education subjects.

Remember that you have to pass all three sets of tests including General Education (for Secondary Education) and two sets of the tests (for Elementary Education).

Don’t assume that General Education  is easy since you took the Gen Ed classes when you were in Elementary or High School. Remember that a lot of years had passed. So refresh your memory especially on common mathematical equations (e.g. Fractions, Volumes, Areas, Percentages, Ages, Distance and Time computations) and major science concepts (e.g. Matter, Gravity, Mass, Energy, Friction). You’ll never know what will show up in your test.

Solve problems listed on your review materials or old books.

# 5 Prepare everything you need for the exam.

Make sure you have read the test guidelines, which included the things you need to bring for the exam.

Also check if the calculator you plan to bring for the exam is in PRC’s list of allowed calculators. If not, buy or borrow a calculator that has a model listed there (I bought mine). If you don’t want to buy a new one, make sure you have a non-programmable calculator. But don’t take my word on this because I wasn’t sure if other proctors had allowed calculators not on the list. Although my friend said she didn’t even check the list and just grabbed a basic calculator on the exam day. Proctors check each calculator before the exam starts.

# 6 Get enough sleep before the exam.

Make sure you don’t feel drowsy while taking the exam so you have enough time to answer all the test questions. You don’t want to fail because you didn’t have enough sleep the night before.

# 7 Avoid erasures, OR MAKE THE ERASURE CLEAN AT LEAST. And Of Course, Shade it Properly!

In Centro Escolar University (CEU), where I attended college from 2003 to 2007, we used Scantron papers for our prelim, mid-term, and final exams. So, I’m used to answering tests by shading boxes.

I knew how erasures could make a bad score. So before you shade it, make sure you are shading the right answer, or at least it is your final answer. If you need to erase it, make sure it is clean. But I still don’t think it is a good idea.

So, before the exam day, try the eraser you plan to bring. On a white paper, or a semi-cardboard white paper, write something on it with the pencil you plan to bring and erase this writing with this eraser. If the eraser erases cleanly your writing, then you are good.

I also make sure when I shade the box of my answer, I don’t shade it beyond the box (huwag lumampas ang shading). Don’t shade it heavily too (Baka masira mo ung papel).

# 8 Skip questions you aren’t sure and go back to them later on.

There are some questions that no matter how well you prepared for the exam, you will have no idea what the answer is or it will take you a lot of time to answer it. If you come across to questions like these skip them first.  Answer questions that you know as much as you can then go back to the questions you skipped.

If you still can’t figure out the right answer the second time you look at the skipped question, make an educated guess. Eliminate options that are obvious detractors and you will end up with two best possible answers.

Make a very very educated guess at this point when you really can’t figure the right one out. Or follow your instinct (See Tip #10).

# 9 Follow instructions.

Listen to what the proctor is telling you during the exam. If you are confused, ask the proctor directly not your seatmate.

# 10 Bring with you your Common Sense.

Most of the time, you haven’t reviewed whatever appears on the real exam. What will help you answer the exam are your basic understanding of the topics and your analytical skill. Don’t  overdo it though because you might miss the right answer.


My Story:

I completed 18 credits in Education together with my degree in Mass Communications-Journalism. In 2008, a year after I graduated, I took the Licensure Exam for Teachers or LET held in September.

The challenging exam made me think of enrolling in a review class, but at the end, I chose to study on my own. Not an easy choice but I was fortunate to have my friend enrolled in a review class that I photocopied her reviewers.

I started to self-review though just a month away before the exam, and took it more seriously just two weeks before the exam (define cramming!). If I had a bigger goal like to be one of the top 10 examinees, I would had taken the review more seriously and started the review months before or took an earlier initiative to enroll in a review center (excuses!). I just wanted to pass the exam and get a license. I’m glad I did, with an overall score between 82-84%.


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  1. jr

    June 30, 2011

    Post a Reply

    hi Guys I’m planing to take my LET exam next year would you please tell me all the subjects that I had to review and can I borrow some of your reviewers

    • czar

      February 9, 2012

      Post a Reply

      pag nakapag file kna sa prc they will give u a program of the LET or papel lang yun,,, andun lahat ung subjects,,, pag BSEd ka naman meron din dun coverage ng major mo… tnx

  2. RUBY

    July 4, 2011

    Post a Reply

    hello… please send me in my yahoomail, any available reviewer in TLE…. it would be a great help..i’ll be taking the LET this Sept. 2011…thanksomuch!

    • reah

      July 21, 2011

      Post a Reply

      Hindi ako bumili ng reviewers. Nagpaphotocopy lang ako sa classmate ko. mayroon naman sa National Bookstores eh pero hindi galing sa PNU.

      • maricel

        August 14, 2011

        Post a Reply

        maganda daw yong mga reviewer gaking PNU..
        can u send me some reviewer on my email..thanks..and gud luck

        • reah

          August 14, 2011

          Post a Reply

          sa aking current location, I don’t have any PNU reviewers that I can scan and send you. I also don’t think that act is acceptable online.

  3. jhacie

    July 12, 2011

    Post a Reply


    I am also a BSED major in TLE please send me a reviewer i need it.Earning units lng po ng Education….Please help me…pls send it n my yahoomail

    Luke 6:38


  4. Theresa

    July 13, 2011

    Post a Reply

    Hi there! I am going to take up the exam on Sept. 25 2011 but I was having a hard time to find a TLE Reviewer because of so many subjects that needs to be reviewed. I tried to search for topics but since compilations requires greater amount of time, I was wondering if there’s a specific reviewer that you guys can share for me. Any reviewers within TLE will be very much appreciated. Please email me at [therryanne(@)]. Nawa po ay magtulungan tayo para dumami ang professional teachers d2 sa atin. Thanks in advance. :)

  5. debbie marie

    July 19, 2011

    Post a Reply

    pls give me some possible question of teacher board examination help me pppppplllllllllllllllllllllssssssssssssss i really want to become teachers im a retaker

  6. Alex

    July 20, 2011

    Post a Reply

    Hi, I’m a communication arts graduate, currently finishing up my education units. I was planning to have english as my specialization, do you have any idea where I can get review materials, specifically, for those taking English as a specialization? I can’t find a single one that was geared towards LET English specialization. Could you please help me? Thanks.
    I wanted to ask you considering we have a somewhat similar situation. Thanks again

    • reah

      July 21, 2011

      Post a Reply

      As far as I can remember, most of the English questions were about Grammar and types of literature, the metaphors and similes (and the likes). There were questions about famous literary pieces from different times however I was not able to answer most of them well. Missing the right answers on those questions didn’t concern me. There were also reading comprehension questions which I think you can answer well if you are good at English. Since you will read a passage and interpret it or answer a question based on what you’ve read. Time will just be your enemy so you should read and comprehend fast at the same time.

      There are plenty of English quizzes made by foreigners online. I think those are good and just review literature (like famous writers, eras, ideas, themes, literary pieces (poems, novels, epics, etc.)

      Honestly, I did not review much on English and focused on getting high scores on general education, and professional education. (It is based on my assessment that with English questions you can mostly answer by reading between the lines [except when it asks for facts]. This assessment is true if you did pretty well on your English classes when you were in College).

  7. magileen

    July 21, 2011

    Post a Reply

    can i have a copy of LET reviewer… it will be a great help for me.. i have already some but I’m not satisfied with it bcause it is not updated..wud u send it in my email???pllllllssssssssssss???? thank you so much …GODbless u more!

    • reah

      July 21, 2011

      Post a Reply

      I don’t have any LET reviewers with me. I already moved out from my parents’s house and not in the PH.

  8. manny gregorio solanoy

    July 27, 2011

    Post a Reply

    i am a fresh graduate of education…i have read your tips on how to pass the let exam..i will follow your suggested tips para po makapasa ako…Pls. pray po for me and sa lahat ng kukuha ng exam dis coming september…tnx and Godbless>>

    • reah

      July 30, 2011

      Post a Reply

      I really want you at ang iba pa na magtitake ng LET sa September na makapasa.

      When I have time, nagdadagdag ako ng mga review resources sa blog na to.

  9. trish

    September 7, 2011

    Post a Reply

    the examination day is getting nearer…..please do include us in your prayers please….hope we could make it……

  10. Sarz

    September 18, 2011

    Post a Reply

    I’m going to take LET this coming 25th… I really found your posts helpful and efficient! Nag comment lang po para mag thank you :)

    Godbless me, my friends, and everyone else taking the exam! Positive energy! PAPASA TAYO! ^^

  11. randolfh empredo

    September 23, 2011

    Post a Reply

    hai there rhea. im a fresh graduate of bachelor in secondary education major in biological science. tomorrow’s our exam day and thanks God i came over this wonderful page a few months back so I visited this often since. thanks for the tips and it really helped me a lot. please send me your fb account name so that i can add you up. thnaks =)

  12. cathy

    October 25, 2011

    Post a Reply

    hello rhea, can u e mail the latest LET reviewer for me? dis coming march ako kukuha ng board. please. thank u.

  13. einnoej

    November 1, 2011

    Post a Reply

    plan ko sana kumuha ng educ units d2 sa skul nmin..dko sure if filipino or english ang kukunin ko..ano kaya ang mas hndi mahirap..wla kc me idea..depende b cya sa kung ano mas hilig ko by heart?

    • czar

      February 9, 2012

      Post a Reply

      pag kumuha ka units mo ang prc magbibigay pag nagfile ka,,, just enrol professional subjects, teaching prof, social dimension, principles of teaching,, curriculum devt., facilitating learning, child and adol development, and assessment of learning,,, lahat yan lalabas sa prof ed,,, salamat 24 units lahat yan,,, ako nkuha ko in 1 sem ung 29 units kc regular ako nag enrol, 29 kc may values ed kc catholic school kc

  14. Daisy

    November 18, 2011

    Post a Reply

    Hi Ms. Rhea, I read all the tips of yours on how to pass the LET exams…I am a re-taker. I became hopeless already because I cannot still pass the exam. I already took the exams 3x…but still I cannot do it. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. So at this time, I’m confusing if I still have to pursue my profession in teaching. What I dream is just to pass the exam in order to get a licence and at the same time to work in a public school. How can I do it. I’m planning to take the exam next year 2012 by April maybe, I don’t know if I will take in a review centers. Hope time will come that I will be also one of those people who pass the LET. May God hear my prayers.

    • reah

      November 20, 2011

      Post a Reply

      Start your review early then. Also download the pointers I created before so you have a guide what to review.

  15. Regie

    November 18, 2011

    Post a Reply

    Hi Ms. Reah I am so grateful to you for sharing this blog I followed all your tips and reviewed using the links you shared.Fortunately I passed! Your blog about LET helped me a lot.Thanks and God bless you more

      • Regie

        November 22, 2011

        Post a Reply

        Hi Ms. Reah
        Do you also have tips on how to learn Korean?
        Particularly in speaking.Thanks a lot

  16. Christine Gapuz

    November 20, 2011

    Post a Reply

    I have my own top 10 tips for passing the LET, but yours is very good! :)

  17. lorie may ellama

    December 30, 2011

    Post a Reply

    pwde pki send khit konting reviewer lng sa email q pra my idea rn aq.tnx

  18. Chona

    January 3, 2012

    Post a Reply

    Hi Rhea,
    Un bang pointers sa LET eh halos un n b tlga un, klangan lng tlga pag-aralan. p 4 times n kc mag take ng LET , pero i’m hoping this coming MArch 11 mkapasa n ako.

  19. roselyn

    January 6, 2012

    Post a Reply

    hi!!!reah…I’m roselyn from cebu. I’m glad that you shared about the coverage for LET examination in your blog and this is a big help for me because i’m taking the board exam this coming march….

  20. Jason Santos

    January 12, 2012

    Post a Reply

    .Hi guyz!.Napadaan lang…I have a let exam dis march.I hope mabigyan nman me ng pagka2taon pra mkapasa xa ikalimang pagka2taon.medyo di kc me.briliant gaya nyo.kya.exam lan me ng exam! . .

    • czar

      February 9, 2012

      Post a Reply

      hindi talino at galing to, review it by heart,,, God bless and Goodluck…

  21. roselyn rojo

    January 18, 2012

    Post a Reply

    hi rhea..pwede po ba email u ng mga reviewer or posible exam question?

  22. naome

    January 30, 2012

    Post a Reply

    helo,pwedi po bang ma email u some questions sa prof ed at content courses?tnx po… GOD BLESS

  23. ana mariz ramas

    March 8, 2012

    Post a Reply

    hi rhea! were almost on the same boat..ill be taking the board exam this march 11, wala talaga akong review kasi call center agent ako, im honestly not ready to take the exam but my mom forced me so i succumbed. its really very near and honestly, wala talaga akng review kasi kakalabas ko lang din ng ospital this week. ayoko ng epressure ung self ko na magstudy this time. i just hope all the stock knowledge will be useful. like you, 18 units lang din ung educ ko.

  24. Josue

    March 23, 2012

    Post a Reply

    hi po meron kabang power point of PDF file ng LET reviewer? nais ko sanang magkaroon. kung mern kang site na nagbibigay ng libreng files tungkol dito paki share naman po.. thanks a lot

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