11 skills I want to learn before I reach 30

I am in the mood to write today. Maybe because I have been thinking a lot lately. So in this post I want to share to you the skills that I hope I will learn before I reach 30.

  1. Digital Photography – Aside from a frustrated writer, I have always been a a frustrated photographer, but never have a chance to try it, aside from taking shots when out of town.
  2. Web Designing – I was involved with lay-outing when I was part of the school newspaper. Now that I am writing online, I want to design my own sites as well. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to start.
  3. Programming – Well, someone told me I can’t learn this skill. I browsed some programming books too and now I have doubts I will learn programming. But I want to challenge myself. I have been good with Math before, I just need to do some warming up with numbers so I can think critically again.
  4. Drawing Anime – I used to copy anime drawings. And I just hope I can teach my hands to draw again.
  5. Playing Piano – I am just amazed seeing people that plays Piano, that I want to play too.
  6. Playing Guitar – I tried to learn but someone told me my hands are short.
  7. Speaking Spanish -I could have learned speaking Spanish when I had Spanish class in college. Sad to say, my teacher was not good enough.
  8. Speaking Korean – I tried learning to speak the language on my own before, but I got disinterested. At least I was able to learn reading the Korean Alphabet. Well, learning to read it was easy.
  9. Reading the Japanese and Chinese Alphabet – Since I was able to learn how to read the Korean alphabet, I am hoping somehow that I will also be able to read Japanese alphabet. Chinese alphabet would take longer though.
  10. Driving– Yep. I still don’t know how to drive.
  11. Cooking – Tsk. Tsk. I would try to learn how to cook before I get married.

When I was making this list, I realized that for me to be able to stick to a certain thing, I should be obligated to do it or else I would lose interest. Going to school would certainly force me to learn these skills. Although I am forced to do it, at least I am learning to do it. Besides, I wanted to learn them in the first place.