Adjustment of Status (AOS) Application Approved After Interview

My husband and I went to our AOS interview scheduled on the 28th of April. Since we arrived an hour earlier in the US Citizenship and Immigration office, we decided to eat first in Smith’s. 30 minutes later we were back at the Immigration. The guard inspected our interview notice and let us in. There were only about three people waiting. Didn’t expect that there were less people, but it didn’t matter. We were interviewed 20 minutes later the scheduled time. The officer picked us up in the waiting area and was sorry she was late.

She led us to her office, and sworn us in. She looked through our papers first and asked for all our identifications. He gave his passport and driver’s license, and I gave my passport, social security card, and EAD card. She verified the information on the papers we sent, then threw questions while inspecting.

How did we meet? (for both of us)
What’s your name? (for wife)
What’s your birthday? (wife)
Address? (wife)
Social security number? (wife)
All the yes/no questions in the I-485 form. (wife)

Well, I can’t remember now what other questions were asked, but they were all related about information found in the papers we submitted. She also asked us about our financial relationship. Since we didn’t have a lot, she accepted our bank statement and debit cards. She left to make photocopies of those and all our identification cards she got. When she returned, she told us our case was approved, and explain about the conditional residency.

We left the office overwhelmed that this a little over a year journey finally came to a happy ending. We had one year and nine months before we face the USCIS processes again for the removal of conditions application.