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WordPress 2.7 Sneak Preview!

By on Nov 19, 2008 in Blogging, Internet | 0 comments

  I love the new dashboard, it looks more organized, and to think that I can customize it as well. Aside from that, there’s a quickpress that enables you to post an article from your dashboard, and reply to comments as an admin. I would surely love answering my user visitors now in my other blogs. Wordpress really rocks! I can’t wait to upgrade when 2.7 will be released soon.  

When blogging starts to become a chore, it sucks

By on Aug 25, 2008 in Blogging | 0 comments

It’s interesting that my dear friend Chris admitted he suck at blogging. Well, I agree he sucks if the reason of keeping his blog is to earn from it, because a blogger should really keep his blog updated to keep his readers grow. But Chris blogs because he just want to share interesting things to his readers. And if he has not updated lately, I think the reason behind it is just that, he is saying to himself “I need to write to a post because I have to update my blog,” and he’ll end up not writing at all because it now sounds like a commitment to keep a blog. It’s just that, there is a huge difference between “I need to blog today,” and “I want to blog today”. And I prefer to say the latter. Thinking that I need to publish an article next week just to keep my blog updated makes me want to not blog at all. Don’t you agree it’s annoying to think of a topic when you are not in the mood to write? Why don’t you just blog when you feel inspired to write? Today, I am inspired to write, that’s why I have this post and my last blog post was two months ago. Cool eh? In fact, I’ll be blogging in the next few days, until I am not in the mood again to write. Anyways, I like Chris posts. I like his writing style. Chris views enlightens me on internet marketing and other stuff, and his ramblings are interesting. If only he has the motivation to write regularly, he can be one of the famous blogger out there. I believe he’ll keep on writing, it’s just that he needs to feel inspired to...

So, someone died in a blogging accident?

By on Jun 19, 2008 in Blogging | 4 comments

While reading one of my feeds, I was directed to XKCD’s page that has the comic above entitled DANGERS. Funny enough that the artist had to put the Google results in a graph, so just we’ll know what type of activities to be more careful of. “Died in a __________ accident” Skydiving: 710 results Elevator: 575 results Surfing: 496 results Skateboarding: 473 results Camping: 166 results Gardening: 100 results Ice Skating: 94 results Knitting: 7 results Blogging: 2 results And because of curiosity, I googled if  the results in blogging accident is true, and found several posts showing that there are in fact two famous bloggers who died recently. And a post saying that bloggers should take care of their health. But what surprised me was that, there was one person who died while blogging. He fell asleep while in front of his computer, when he unconsciously inhaled a poisonous...

4 New Blogs on WordPress

By on May 20, 2008 in Blogging, Wordpress | 1 comment

So, I just got an inspiration today to put up four new blogs in WordPress.Com. However, I am still not ready to share to you the links to my new blogs. You might be asking why don’t I just post them here. Well, this blog is my place where I can post my random thoughts and also my experiences in blogging, and about other internet related topics. The topics of my four new blogs are different, and they are in different niches. Anyways, to just give you an idea, the blogs I just created were about these general keywords: teacher, word games, books, and web design. When I’m ready, I’ll give you more details about these blogs.

Kreah-Craze.Com Just Hit 7,000 Page Views!

By on Mar 12, 2008 in Blogging | 0 comments

I wasn’t checking my Kreah Craze stats lately, because I was more focused on Google Maven‘s and other blogs’ stats. But a while ago, I just decided to check it and the stats below is what I saw!! Wow! After a couple of months of waiting, Kreah Craze finally hit 7,000 page views in WordPress stats (in GMT). I believe the highest number of views before was 6,700 and now is 7,373! I also checked my Analytics stats since it is in GMT+8 time zone. And the records in Analytics for March 11, was as great as in WordPress’ records. When I started this blog, I never realized it would received an overwhelming number of visitors (now an average of 1900 a day). I just want to blog about my passion that time. Unfortunately, I don’t update it now as much as before. But anyways, only 27 days left and it will be celebrating its 1st...

Reah’s blogging story

By on Jan 18, 2008 in Blogging | 0 comments

I started blogging in Friendster, about two years ago. At that time, I thought a blog was just an online diary where I could publish my everyday experiences, or share any of my insights in life. I also used my Friendster blog to post the articles I wrote for our class and school publications, so at least other friends whom I hadn’t seen for a long time could read what I wrote. But after reading Time’s article featuring bloggers (included in January 2007 or December 2006 issue), and after doing some online research in March, I had discovered that the meaning of blogging had expanded over the past years. And in fact, I can even make blogging as a career. So after graduating from college, I set up a blog in Blogger but decided to blog in a few days later. I just thought that to blog in is better than to blog in Blogger, because most professional bloggers use the wordpress, as a blogging platform. Then in May 2006, I started working as a Content Writer/SEO in a company located in Makati. My trainer in that company was very knowledgeable in SEO. And because of his enthusiasm, I became eager to learn more about internet-related topics. However, even though my work in that company exposed me a lot about working online, I decided to quit since I don’t like working for someone else’s company and I am a moody...