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The Death of Link Building and Its Impact on SEO

By on Oct 21, 2012 in Search Engine Optimization, Uncategorized | 1 comment

With Google’s Penguin and Exact Match Domain (EMD) updates this year, many SEO professionals and small business owners are scratching their heads as the “fast and easy” SEO strategies are now old-school tactics that will not work anymore. These “fast and easy” SEO strategies are the low-quality backlinks that are easy to acquire and replicate when you have diligent link builders working on the links, or you have acquired automated link building tools. Low quality SEO strategies include article directory publishing, link wheeling, blog commenting, forum posting, social bookmarking, and profile linking. To make matters worse, the EMD update came in a few weeks ago pushing the rankings of most EMD webpages lower in the search results, and pushing the rankings of branded non-EMD webpages higher. Imagine the impact on the organic traffic and sales if you have a small business website, which...

10 Internet Marketing Terms para sa mga Beginner

By on Apr 2, 2011 in Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization | 8 comments

Ito ay naglalaman ng mga terminolohiya na ginagamit sa internet marketing. Mga pangmalawakang konsepto lamang ang mga ito, subalit sa pamamagitan ng mga eksplinasyon na nakasulat dito, mas madali ninyong maunawaan ang mga susunod na mga artikulong babasahin ninyo tungkol sa pagmamarket ng mga serbisyo o mga produkto sa internet. Internet Marketing Sakop ng terminilohiyang  ito ang iba’t ibang stratehiya sa pag-propromote ng negosyo sa internet. Pay Per Click Advertising Ito ay pag-aanunsiyo ng iyong serbisyo o produkto sa mga website na hindi mo pagmamay-ari. Ang may-ari ng website ay makakatanggap ng komisyon o kabayaran galing sa’yo sa bawat bisita niya na nag-click ng iyong anunsiyo. Pipresyohan mo ang bawat click na ito, depende sa iyong budget at sa iyong bidding. Ang anunsiyo ay naglalaman ng link papunta sa iyong webpage kung saan nakalagay ang iyong produkto,...

Linkbuilding with Hubpages

By on May 14, 2008 in Search Engine Optimization | 0 comments

I was told before that one of the best place to publish linkbuilding articles is Hubpages. I was warned though not to put a lot of inbound links to my site or I would get banned. I somehow didn’t listen to that advice since I just really want to try how linkbuilding works. So, I put up hubs for one of my websites and had put a lot of links to it. Well, it seemed like a resource page that it never got banned and the linkbuilding indeed worked. (There was one hub that got banned though, and my reason I believe was it was in an article form rather than a list that would be a resourceful page for internet surfers.) But recently, I just did a ridiculous thing. I removed my best hub, and thought of republishing it in another account. And surprisingly, Hubpages would not allow me to publish that hub because I was overly promotional. Hubpages immediately detected that I had more than two...