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How to Create A Blog in Friendster

By on Mar 5, 2009 in Internet | 0 comments

Blogging is the most in thing now, and if you still haven’t into it, then maybe you can start your own inside your own Friendster Account. Here are the easy steps: 1. Log into your Friendster account 2. Look on the upper left corner, on the navigation tabs. Near the link for Home, is Profile. Move your mouse over the Profile link, and choose Blogs.  3. Once you are in the new page, you are ready to create your new blog. Just type in any name for your new blog, and click the Create a blog button. 4. If you have successfully create your blog, Friendster will direct you to the blog dashboard.  5. Study the features, choose a theme, and once you are ready, write your first post. Good luck!

How to Delete A Friendster Blog

By on Mar 1, 2009 in Internet | 12 comments

SInce Friendster is now using the WordPress Blogging Platform, deleting your blog here will also be the same as deleting a blog. (If you want to make a back-up first before you delete your blog. I will show you on the next tutorial. So, I think, don’t delete your blog yet.) If you want your blog to be removed from Friendster, here’s how you do it. 1. Log in to your Friendster account of course. 2. On My Tools, there is a drop down arrow that says More, just below the Edit Profile link. 3. From the drop down arrow, click Update Blog. It will direct you to the wordpress software inside 4. Look for Settings link. At the left side, you see the links Write, Manage, Design, and Comments. But the link you need to click is not on that side, but on the opposite side. Uhm… I mean the right side of course. You will see there the less visible links which are Settings, Plugins, Users. Now you found the Settings link, so click on that. 5. On the settings page, just right after General, you will find these links: Writing, Reading, Discussion, Privacy, Permalinks, Miscellaneous, Delete Blog. Click Delete Blog link. 6. On the Delete Blog page, you will receive this message: If you do not want to use your Friendster Blogs blog any more, you can delete it using the form below. When you click Delete My Blog you will be sent an email with a link in it. Click on this link to delete your blog. Remember, once deleted your blog cannot be restored. 7. Check the box that you are agreeing to the statement:  I’m sure I want to permanently disable my blog, and I am aware I can never get it back or use again. Then click the Delete Blog button. 8. You are not yet done Log-in to your email address to click the confirmation link. Your blog will not be deleted unless you have clicked this link from your email. 9. Now that you have received the email from Friendster, and you are sure about deleting your blog. Then click the confirmation link. Make sure your pop-up blocker is temporarily allowed, or on.  ...

Uh, oh… I lost my bookmarks

By on Nov 22, 2008 in Internet | 2 comments

I reformat my computer yesterday since it started to run slow. And it was only now that I have realized that I lost all my bookmarks… my my my. Most of my bookmarks were in Google Chrome, I wish Google had thought of automatically adding the bookmarks in the account’s “Google Bookmark” page but unfortunately there’s no feature like that. I have saved a lot and now they’re gone… This is the time that you will really appreciate maintaining a an account in

Goodbye Google Lively

By on Nov 20, 2008 in Internet | 1 comment

I am not really a fan of Google Lively. So seeing Lively shutdown at the end of the year is not a surprise to me. I believe internet users are still not ready on such an idea, to just be in a 3D room to chat, and nothing else to do is boring and a waste of time, however you customize the room. 

WordPress 2.7 Sneak Preview!

By on Nov 19, 2008 in Blogging, Internet | 0 comments

  I love the new dashboard, it looks more organized, and to think that I can customize it as well. Aside from that, there’s a quickpress that enables you to post an article from your dashboard, and reply to comments as an admin. I would surely love answering my user visitors now in my other blogs. Wordpress really rocks! I can’t wait to upgrade when 2.7 will be released soon.  

Scour: The Social Search Engine

By on Jun 16, 2008 in Internet | 0 comments

I discovered a new search engine a few days ago, and that is Scour.Com. It’s different from Google, Yahoo, or MSN, or any other search engines you know because it promises to pay you back for using it. Actually, it will take time before you can get that $25 visa gift card because you have to earn 6500 points. The points would be 1 point for searching, 2 points for voting, and 3 points for commenting, but you can only earn up to 4 points per search you do, despite searching, voting, and commenting in one search. Aside from the points you get while searching, you will also earn points from the points of your referrals. So the more referrals you’ve got that use Scour, the easier you can earn that 6500 points. One more thing about Scour is that they also have the search results of Google, Yahoo, and MSN aside from their own search results. You just have to click each tab to see what they are. I still don’t know though how do they send the prize since they weren’t informative on this matter as of now. They are still in Beta anyways. As I am writing this post, the Scour leader only has 151 points, and I am on top 4 garnering 65 Scour points. You can still catch up! Try it now here. If you want to share your points with me, you can email me at reahguev[at]gmail[dot]com so I can send you a Scour...