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Top 10 Greek Goddesses: The Beautiful and the Wicked

By on Jul 4, 2012 in Literature | 3 comments

The following article is a guest post from Ryan De Guzman, a fellow writer and colleague. Visit his own blog Nevermore Nonsense to read more of his posts. If there is one group that runs the Greek Mythology universe, it would be the goddesses. They are intellectually complex, physically splendid, and most of the time, morally volatile. There are quite a lot of them, but here are the ten that lead the pact with their elegance and  villainy. 1. Hera The Beautiful The Queen of the Gods. She is the Goddess of Women and Marriage, both wife and sister to Zeus, the chief god. Being the Olympian prima donna, she is of almost unequaled appeal. She even once competed toe to toe with the alluring Athena, and with the Goddess of Beauty herself, Aphrodite. The Wicked Historically, she is the most atrocious of goddess. She constantly posed as a villain for Hercules, also casted her son out of...