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Halloween Tidbits: Facts or Fiction

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Are you tired of doing things over and over again, and willing to try something new? Moreover, do you have the guts to meet “new friends”? Well, read further more! Why not leave that chair and take off your clothes? Wear it inside out and start walking backwards to where the roads meet. Then if you’ll wait until midnight , luckily you’ll meet a witch! (Warning: If you are eager to continue, then, fine.) If you are one of those people who tremble, scream, and run away upon seeing a…ghaghaghost….then, bury animal bones or a picture of an animal near your doorway. In case you haven’t done this yet and you see a ghost on your way, grab a key and throw it to him. Eventually the ghost will disappear. By the way, one of the indications of a ghost nearby is when a candle flame suddenly turns blue. You don’t have a candle, huh? Better stock up and use one. Otherwise, you’ll never know. Another thing about ghosts is that they don’t have shadows and leave no footprints. (Comments please!) Now, let’s talk about cats. It is believed in North America that a black cat crossing your path is bad luck while a white one is good luck. In Britain and Ireland, however, it’s exactly the opposite. On the other hand, if time will come that you start to dream of becoming invisible, take a look at your cat for his bones are your token of achieving it. Just be ready to sacrifice your cat’s life. Longing for your dead loved ones? Hey! They are just watching over the ceiling after they had finished weaving their webs. If you crave for more “ghostly superstitions”, this article could not satisfy you anymore because it has reached its end. Why not search for Halloween-born babies. They might tell you more since they are known for sighting spirits and communicating with them. Revision of an article that was first posted in the Junior Pharos (in MCU) circa...

Uses of a Brick and a Blanket Test

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  I finished reading the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. To convey his idea, one of the thing he used was a Diversion Test. What I had to do was write down all the different uses I could think for the following objects: 1.  a brick 2. a blanket Since I found this activity interesting, I am sharing my answers. Actually, I listed several uses while I was reading page 97. I only  saw the answers of one student that Gladwell mentioned after I listed my answers, so I did not cheat, ok? But I guess, I had plenty of time to list more uses now, since it’s been like an hour since I read page 97. Uses for a brick: Use with other bricks to make a wall Something to get on to when you are peeking on someone else’s house window To cover a hole As a paperweight To throw to someone you don’t like (horrible idea) To use as a toy for older children wanting to build a house. To hit onto someone who wants to kill you (another gruesome idea) Use it to kill an insect you are scared of. Book dividers Use as a temporary bridge when there is a half feet water on your way and you don’t want to get wet. To block small amount of water flowing As a physical marker As a hammer To throw into well just so you know how deep it is. Use to write stuff on the beach sand Use it to break the window so you can escape To hit the wall or a metal object to make a sound when you need help and you cannot walk or able to talk loud To break a locked door knob so you can get in. Something to sit on while camping or everywhere To break a fresh coconut. To carve a message on. Put a picture on one of its wider area. Use it as your sculpture canvass Break the brick into sand-like particles and use it as the sand for your sand timer. Break the brick into smaller pieces and use it to create a creative line around your flowers. Heat the brick as a heat conductor for cooking. Uses for a blanket: Sheet that covers you while sleeping (obviously) Sheet that covers you when you are hiding (for fun) Your bed sheet Fold it and use it as a small bed for your baby. Use it as a sail for a boat. Use it as a curtain. Hang it onto a string so you can have a divider in your room (if you are sharing a space with someone) Hammock As a pillow Picnic cover to sit onto Use it as your base when ironing clothes Use it as an emergency bag As tablecloth Use it as a dress or to cover your body Towel replacement if there’s none To cover things in your house that you don’t want other people to see (unwanted visitors or visitors without notice) Use as an escape rope Covers yourself while you are undressing and dressing up. Covers you and your partner having sex in a public place. As a tent Awning Your very big cloth filter Use as a rope to wrap around someone Cut into pieces and use these as rags. Just use the whole blanker as a rag. To absorb a lot of spilled water on the floor. Cut into smaller pieces to create a cloth book. Write something on it. (artistic) Use it as a canvas for your painting Put your protest notes here and hang it by your window. Write a love letter...

Stock Investing App on Facebook

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I am into a lot of Facebook apps lately, if you have noticed–Typing Maniac, Farm Town, Mafia Wars, and Word Island. At the same time, I am also into investing books. So, I got curious if there is one app about investing that I could play in Facebook. Perhaps a virtual practice account in investing like the one I have in Luckily, there is a Facebook app! A stock investing simulator called kaChing, which uses the actual data in the US stock markets. So far, I like using kaChing app more than the virtual stocks account I have in Investopedia. You know why? Because I have $10,000,000 in the virtual portfolio which is a higher amount than the one I have in my Investopedia practice account. I can buy more stocks, and trade more here in kaChing....

Investopedia Stock Simulator

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After I finished reading the book “The Small Investor” by Jim Gard, I have decided to practice what I’ve learned about investing. I don’t have the money yet to invest so the only way I can gain experience is to get a free investing practice account. has one. Actually, late last year, I already signed up for this practice account or Investopedia’s stock simulator. However, I didn’t know much about investing that time, that I just ignored my account after creating it. So today, I just reopened my practice account in, and see how the account looks like.  It has a virtual amount of $100,857.75. I think the 857.75 was a profit from a default stock when I opened the virtual account last year. I really don’t remember. But anyway, with this amount I should really be able to get a good start. Now what? Should I start investing with my virtual money? No. I will evaluate first the different investment strategies in stock trading, and see what might work best for me. I would think about what risks I am willing to take, and what are my investment goals if this is a real portfolio. Yeah, this isn’t real money, why would I be worried about risks? I should. That’s why it is a practice account so I could test the water before I jump in. I want to take this seriously so that when I get the real money, I will have a better idea what stocks to buy, although of course the market may move differently when that time arrives. P.S. I still have not looked up for virtual practice accounts for bonds and mutual funds. I should have them so I would know how to diversify my real investments in the...

Mummies of Guanajuato and Premature Burial

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One article that I read today triggered me to write this post. The article was about non-egyptian mummies. What struck me most about this article were the mummies of Guanajuato in Mexico. These people were buried due to a cholera epidemic outbreak in 1833. And there bodies were mummified naturally–due to the air and weather in the area.     But the interesting part I learned about this event was that some of these people were buried alive, and these could be seen from their horrific facial expressions. If you want to visit the mummy museum, their address is Municipal Pantheon Esplanade, Downtown, C.P. 36000, Guanajuato, Mexico. Find out more through their official website.   Buried Alive The premature burial of some of the mummies in Guanajuato lead me to another topic to look up in Google and that is the topic of being buried alive. So I googled “buried alive”, and found interesting facts about it from Wikipedia. I learned that: George Washington feared of premature burial that he asked his servants not to bury him until it passed three days from his death. A medieval philisopher named John Duns Scotus of Scotland is said to have been accidentally buried alive – when his tomb was reopened, his body was reportedly found outside his coffin with his hands torn and bloody after attempting to escape. Oran, a sixth-century monk on Iona: having presumably been declared dead, he was buried, but was dug up again the following day and found to be alive. He is said to have subsequently been re-buried for heresy when he claimed that after his first burial he had seen heaven and hell. Source: Buried Alive in Philippines Search Being an SEO writer, I couldn’t help myself thinking how many people searched for the keywords “buried alive“. Surprisingly about 1000-2000 people do search that in Google everyday and most of them come from the Philippines. (Disclaimer: I just estimated the number of people by comparing it to the amount of traffic from a keyword I know of.) I am not sure if location has a value on Google Trends results, but it is interesting to find that Filipinos do search about...

Happy Valentine’s Day Translated In Tagalog/Filipino

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Maligayang araw ng mga puso! That’s how you greet your significant other during Valentine’s day.  I think I never had celebrated Valentine’s Day with a special someone. or Had I? Oh, I remember something, I did. It was the first week of dating exclusively my first boyfriend, and we celebrated Valentine’s Day in our Junior/Senior Prom night. He picked me up and gave me a card, full of “I love you”. That was a few years ago. Naalala ko lang ok? Walang malisya!