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6 Skills Down 5 More to Go

By on Jun 17, 2011 in Personal | 2 comments

Three years ago, I listed 11 skills I wanted to learn before I reach 30. I’m now 26 years old, and 6 of the 11 skills are already crossed out. Amazing how time flies, and I have gained new skills in the span of three years. Well, obviously that’s a lot of time but I never really tracked my list and only saw it again a few days ago. Below are the six skills I learned although two of these I haven’t really mastered yet (the languages) but I made progress. Digital Photography Please see some of the photos I took. I’m amazed how beautiful they look even if I have just used a point-and-shoot camera (Although most of these cameras today produce good quality pictures comparable to professional digital cameras). Web Designing Most of my projects now involve web designing which really wasn’t one of my skills 3 years ago. Programming This is one of the biggest...

Fire in Baesa QC Near Our House!!!

By on Feb 27, 2009 in Personal | 1 comment

“Fire! Start packing!” Shouted my neighbor kid at five in the afternoon while I was in my living room, watching TV. I thought it was a joke, but I went out to make sure, and he wasn’t kidding! A few paces from my house, I saw a lot of people looking up to where the smoke was coming from. So I ran to a good spot and looked up too. I saw a big cloud of smoke that appeared to be just a couple blocks away! It was coming from the slum area down the neighborhood which you need to cross a small river to get there. Most of the houses there were made of wood so fire for sure could spread quickly. Observing the smoke’s direction, I could sense the fire was moving towards our place! And much worse, no fire truck had arrived yet! So, I went back to my house and started packing things. My brother was the only one living with me. He came in when I started packing, and I told...

How to Gain Weight

By on Jan 26, 2009 in Personal | 2 comments

When I look myself at the mirror, I would say I look fine. But people who I meet outside or even my friends and relatives would say, I am so skinny, and I should gain weight. It made me wonder how I really looked before since I could not notice any changes. They told me I was more chubby before, and good to look at? Hmm… Ok, magpapataba na po ako. ( Translation: Ok, I will try to gain weight) Last week, I started researching about ways on gaining weight. It is kinda tricky since I really don’t want to spend a lot of money on food.  So I answered these questions. What is my weight?  I was thinking I weigh like 85 pounds or 88 perhaps. But I was wrong. I was glad I found that machine inside Mercury Drug Store where you can check your weight, height, heart rate, etc. in exchange of five pesos. That is cheaper compare to spending about 500 pesos for a bathroom weighing scale....

So, mas daig ko pa ang diyos?

By on Dec 13, 2008 in Personal | 0 comments

May dati akong kaibigan na napakagaling mag-sulat. Dati close kami, hindi na ngayon. May nangyari kasing hindi maganda, pero carry na. Tapos na yun eh. Pero hindi na kami talaga magkaibigan ngayon. Dahil sa magaling siya magsulat, naisip ko kunin ang serbisyo niya. So tinext ko ang kaibigan ko na close friend niya. Sabi ko sa text: “Andoy pakitext naman si Juan. Pakisabi kung pwede siya magsulat sa amin ng 10 articles. Mga 200-300 words each. Kelangan lang kasi namin ng unique articles eh. Eh alam ko naman magaling siya magsulat. Sabihin mo walang malisya to. Kelangan ko lang talaga.” Ang reply sa akin, matapos ang ilang araw, finorward ng kaibigan ko ang reply ni Juan. “Tang*** tol! Sampung articles? Kahit sabihin mo diyos ako, hindi ko kaya yun. Sabihin mo walang time. Salamat.” Well, naintindihan ko naman ang sagot niya. Kasi nga naman may full time job siya....

Naks Tagalog!

By on Sep 5, 2008 in Personal | 2 comments

Wahahaha, hirap na ako mag-english eh, bakit ba? Joke. Feeling ko kasi mas ma-eexpress ko to sa Tagalog. Kagabi, napanuod ko sa Net25 ang isang episode na pinag-usapan kung ano ang ginagawa ng mga Pilipino kapag traffic. Iba-iba ang sagot ng mga na-interview. Mayroong naiinis, mayroong walang paki, yung iba nagmumuni, nagtetext, natutulog, nakikinig ng music, o kaya naman tinitigan ang ibang pasahero para maaliw naman. Kung ako tatanungin depende kung saan ako pupunta at anong oras na. Siyempre kung late na ako, magagalit ako, ba’t naman natrapik pa ako, pero kung tutuusin ako naman may kasalanan, di’ba kasi, late na ako nagising. Kung pauwi na ako, ok lang kahit mastuck ako sa trapik kasi maiidlip na lang ako, o kaya magtetext kapag may kailangang itext. Kung wala naman, nagmumuni ako o kaya tinitigan ang mga katabi kong pasahero, minsan yung driver, hindi dahil sa gwapo...

Task: To edit a CSS Template

By on Jun 20, 2008 in Personal | 2 comments

Oh oh…. this can be really a hard one since I am not a web designer (but I want to be). And this is the first time I’m going to edit an existing template for someone else’s site. If it’s for my site, I don’t care much. Also, this is more complicated than editing wordpress themes, I am going to edit a Pligg template, change the design…etc.. Just reading the tutorials make me want to surrender, but I guess if I really want to learn and be a super woman web master and blogger, I have to do this. Oh please, I hope I can do it. I’ll give you an update once I am done with it, but for now, don’t expect much because I’m still gathering my brain cells to understand everything on my own.