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My New Computer Books

By on Dec 10, 2008 in Ramblings | 0 comments

Yep. I am serious on self-studying to become a web programmer. I just bought three computer books. One is about general computer concepts, one is for HTML, and the other about Perl. I didn’t buy PHP books since there are a lot of free ebooks about it, which of course, I already downloaded. I bought the general book about Computers to get a good grasp of everything, from hardwares to softwares, understanding operating systems, the internet, networking, creating websites, etc… It’s interesting that when I was in High School, I took for granted all these basic concepts, and now I am reading each of them with so much appreciation, like what bit means and byte. The HTML book was not just about HTML, it also discussed XML, and DHTML, and a few javascript. And the last book, about Perl programming, I bought it because I want to create a tool that pertains to Unicode transliteration. ( I won’t tell you about it. lol. ) It may take time before I start creating the codes for this tool though since I don’t have much free time. One thing is I know for sure. I really want to create that program because it will make my life easier. All these three computer books were really cheap, and they were published recently so I know they are updated. These also have an online sites, where I can answer interactive tests, links to other resources, and download sample files I need when I make my own program. (I am referring to the site for the Perl.) Well, wish me good luck with my self study. Even though it looked like that I went back to College and wasting my time for not working in a company, I am enjoying what I am doing, and I think that is the most important....

If Astrology is true, where is the writer in me?

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Have you read your Numerology results or at least Astrology? What did it tell you? Who are you according to the stars, according to the numbers, who are you? Call me stupid if I did that and believe on to most what it said. It says I have creative skills to become a great writer. But where is the writer in me? Okay. This is writing. But am I as great as Shakespeare? Am as I great as the editor in a newspaper? Am I a writer who can move mountains? No. I am not. I am just an ordinary writer. I can’t bear writing as a career. But if the stars and numbers say so, I am curious to find out where the writer is in me.    

Playing Ragnarok Online Again

By on Nov 6, 2008 in Ramblings | 2 comments

Noong isang araw, nag-install uli ako ng Ragnarok Online sa computer ko. Dinemonyo kasi ako ng kaibigan ko, easy installation kasi sabi niya (copy and paste ng files galing sa USB to my hard drive). Oh, diba, di ko na talaga kelangan ung matagalan na patch-up. Doon lang naman ako hesitant dati eh. Kaso ngayon nasa Valkyrie server ako, ung free server pero yung ibang items ay binibili through real money, na macoconvert sa Ragnarok points. Ok naman ako sa idea na ganun, kaso namimiss ko ang Chaos server. Pasalamat na nga lang ako na-alala ko yung password ng luma kong account at nalink ko ang bago kong account at ung luma. Ang problema ko lang ngayon, hindi ko ma-access yung dati kong account through Chaos server kasi kelanagan ko i-install yun ng hiwalay, at matagal for sure yun. Noong narinig ko uli ang openng background music ng Ragnarok, natuwa ko, ung tuwa na parang kinilig na nakita ko yung crush ko. Reminiscing the good old days ng Ragnarok Addiction peak ko. Hehe, tapos nakita ko uli ang Prontera at Payon at laberta at mga monsters at marami pang iba. May mga napansin nga lang ako, walang fly wing at butterfly wing. Haay…. tamad pa naman ako maglakad. Bad trip, iwas bot daw....

My Old Friendster Blog

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Hmmm… Ok… Tinamaan ako ngayon ng gana na magbasa ng mga luma kong post sa dati kong blog na Buhay pa ang blog na to dahil nasa friendster account ko at wala pa naman akong balak i-delete ang blog (Ito ay bago ko binasa uli yung luma kong blog na to). Habang binabasa ko ang ilang nakasulat doon, natempt ako na i-import ang laman nun dito sa blog ko ngayon. Pero hindi ko na tinuloy kasi naman parang wala yung essence pag nilipat ko dito. Isa pa, duplicate content yun kapag hinayaan ko lang ang dati kong blog. So, kung gusto ko talaga i-import ang mga posts ko sa luma kong blog, dapat i-delete ko rin yung account. Kaya, ayun hindi ko na lang tinuloy. Noong binabasa ko naman ang luma kong mga articles, natutuwa ako, kasi nakakatuwa pala kung sa tagalog ako magsulat. Kapag english articles ko, pakiramdam ko napaka-trying hard ko mag-english. Kapag tagalog, ang kulit kasi ng mga kuwento ko eh. Nakikita ko yung dating Reah na sobra kung magkuwento na ultimo maliit na bagay ay nabibigyan ng malaking halaga, kaya eto, na-inspire tuloy uli ako mag-blog in Tagalog....

The first web pages I designed

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Remember the post where I talked about changing a layout of a Pligg’s template? Well, it was not successful, or let’s just say I didn’t push through with it. I got impatient so I put it off. Besides, the site will not be live until October, so I still have time, or maybe my friend will do it by himself. Though I did not do my first-ever-challenging-web-designing task, I was able to do something else. I designed some html pages for my WordPress blog. I copied the stylesheet though of my WordPress theme Arthemia. Although the biggest reason I copied the stylesheet was for me to save time, and since I was impatient to do my own, the other sensible excuse was for that the html pages be identical to the current WordPress theme. I don’t want my visitors get confused seeing different designs on one site. Anyway, the experience was cool. I didn’t use any program like Dreamweaver to help me make this task easier. I think this was helpful in a way so that I’d learn the basics myself. I just looked up for HTML codes online and pasted it on my index.php file. I also clicked ‘view source’ of some sites I want to imitate just to understand how it had been done, and then added the HTML codes on my file, then tested them to see how and if it works. But I used PSPad in editing the files I was creating. Unlike editing in notepad, the codes in this application have colors and some are indented. It was easy for me to look up for a code. In my first hours of editing though, I used notepad, and just by looking at all those texts gave me headache. Thank god my friend suggested PSPad. After almost 25 hours, here is the result, the list of korean dramas with OST lyrics in my blog. (If you browse the page, and saw all those pages that have lists, they are the HTML pages.) The hardest part on this task was adding 120 anchors, just so that my visitors can easily see the lyrics they want after clicking a link. Also, I have to make 26 identical pages, which I think is easy, if not only they were not 26 pages. (Each letter of the alphabet has their own page.) Not to mention the separate page for numbers, and 3 other pages, and looking for images in for the auto-rotate-images effect I’d used. Anyway, the main reason why I created the HTML pages in replacement of the old pages saved in WordPress, is for us (my partner and I) to save the memory usage on the server…hmmm… Well, that’s what I understood. The old pages were the ones that get the highest traffic in the blog for these are the index pages for all the lyrics published in the site. Since the pages were in WordPress, the server accesses the WordPress database everytime the pages are opened by a visitor, thus, consuming a lot of memory. Also, I think the HTML pages now make it easy for my visitors to locate a lyric in my site. Well, this is my first web pages, and I hope I can do more next time....

I want to go back to school!

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A year after graduation, I realize that in able for me to excel in my chosen career, my writing skill is not enough. What will I write if I don’t much of the things that interests me like, computer, softwares, internet, and writing online? I am only capable of writing and do understand English, but I feel that my writing don’t have essence at all. I want to know more, I want to understand, I want to analyze, I want to criticize, I want to commend, I want to compare, but when I try to do these things, the results are vague, a beginner’s point of view. How can that help my readers? Did they learn something from me? I want to go back to school and learn a lot of things again! Books would not help me though, I want the training, the challenges, the environment, and the routines that school provides.