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Yay! WordPress 2.7 Now Available

By on Dec 11, 2008 in Wordpress | 2 comments

I posted a sneak preview a few weeks ago about this cool version of WordPress, the 2.7. And now it is finally available for download! Although, although, and although again, I have waited for this, I have no time yet to install WordPress 2.7 in our blogs. I have already tried it though in so I am fine with that at the moment. But one just quick comment, I don’t like what they did on the Write a Post box. It’s too small! I want a big one!

4 New Blogs on WordPress

By on May 20, 2008 in Blogging, Wordpress | 0 comments

So, I just got an inspiration today to put up four new blogs in WordPress.Com. However, I am still not ready to share to you the links to my new blogs. You might be asking why don’t I just post them here. Well, this blog is my place where I can post my random thoughts and also my experiences in blogging, and about other internet related topics. The topics of my four new blogs are different, and they are in different niches. Anyways, to just give you an idea, the blogs I just created were about these general keywords: teacher, word games, books, and web design. When I’m ready, I’ll give you more details about these blogs.

5 Things I Hate About WordPress 2.5

By on Apr 9, 2008 in Wordpress | 0 comments

I just upgraded the wordpress of Kreah Craze to WordPress 2.5, and noticed these 5 annoying changes! Can’t drag and drop the widgets from sidebar 1 to sidebar 2 or 3. If I decide to delete a text widget, I will lose the text I pasted there. In the previous versions, I could drop it in the Available Widgets section for future use. The Save button is in the right column instead of just below the post box. The Category section is located below the post box. Hey! There is still a lot of space in the right column! See. I just forgot to categorize my latests posts. The Dashboard link is way up there in the left corner. Uhm… where is it again? Oh...

Making my own wordpress theme

By on Apr 6, 2008 in Wordpress | 0 comments

These past 2 days, I was determined to make my own wordpress theme for my Kreah Craze site since it will be having its first blogniversary on April 7. I followed some tutorials and was able to understand the basics of making a theme like planning the lay-out, preparing the different files needed, and creating some background images through Photoshop. I also had a chance to use other text editors aside from notepad like Html-kit. The Html-kit was better than notepad: the html tags, css tags, php tags had different colors, so it was not confusing. Then I installed wordpress on my own computer through easyphp. (With easyphp, my computer is a server now.) Trying to do these stuff are great addition to my experiences, since I have a career online. However, since I am just learning them on my own, I realized that it would take a lot of my time. I think I should just take it...

A New Interface on WordPress 2.5!!!

By on Mar 18, 2008 in Wordpress | 0 comments

They are changing the interface, the dashboard, a bunch of new features. Get a preview of what will be the next WordPress version!