Did the tips help you pass the LET?

The Licensure Exam for Teachers is going to be held soon. Just less than a month! Please come back here and share your experiences and feedback, especially if the tips and resources posted in this blog have helped you pass the exam.

For reference, I listed below the links that were published specifically for LET takers.

15 thoughts on “Did the tips help you pass the LET?

  1. Thanks for all the tips, Reah! The tips helped me prepare for and pass the September 2011 LET Exam. So once you’ve passed the exam, what is usually the next step? Also, as a LET passer, how do you include it in your CV? What exactly do you write; Licensed Elementary Education Teacher, etc?
    Any sort of help will be greatly appreciated!

    1. Karla, that is great news! Congratulations!

      I remembered going back to PRC to get my License ID and I think a hard copy of my results, hmm.. I don’t remember. But yeah, go to PRC and get your ID.

      I didn’t put my License in my resume since it wasn’t related, but if you are applying to become a teacher or you think it is a plus for the position you are applying for, yes, add it. What you suggested is fine. Licensed Elementary Education Teacher, together with your other qualifications.

      1. Thanks for the tips. It also helped me to passed the exam kahit 75 lang ang general average ko, walang labis walang kulang.

      2. I think the right term would be “Professional Teacher” that’s what indicated in the license.

          1. As an additional suggestion for those teachers who had already passed the LET the proper way of indicating this in your CV is writing your profession right after your name. Example: Juan Dela Cruz, Professional Teacher. This way, it would be easily recognizable by the person reviewing your credentials that you are a board passer. Same goes if you are making your business card. But of course, as Reah had previously indicated if the job you are applying is not related to you being a professional teacher then it is already immaterial indicating this on your CV. Happy job hunting for those teachers who are still looking for a job. Be confident in your demo teaching.

  2. hi ms reah, i was happy to receive an update from you regarding your blog.

    the tips helped me a lot to pass the let. good news i got an average of 83.4. thanks so much. the tips gave me enough confidence. please post more often on your blog.

  3. Months after registering myself for LET, I was searching for tips and reviewers online when I came across your site. And your writings really helped a lot, especially your pointers to review pdf files. I just passed the Sept 2012 LET and like you, I only have a few months to review and I didn’t even got the chance to enroll myself in a review center. Since Education is not really my major (I’m a Psych grad btw), I knew I am going to regret it so bad if I failed. I only got few books from my education units class, and two reviewers to help me through it all.

    Thank you for the guides and tips. They’re a life saver. Continue writing and I hope you can inspire more people with your blog. More power!

    1. Yes I want to thank you also for your detailed outline on how to review for the LET. But unlike Garet I did enrol in a review school since I’m not also an education graduate, my undergrad is BS Accountancy and I badly needed math tutorials since the major in math in education is far from the business math that I know. I have used a lot of the links provided in Math and it was a great help in understanding more the concepts that were really a challenge to me. Anyways, thank you and congratulations to all new teachers.

  4. to: MS reah

    this coming may 2013, I am going to file for professional teacher board in Cagayan de oro, I am too confused, too afraid that may be I couldn’t make it, for I had stop studying, learning, for almost 8 years,
    because I was married, and had a 4 kids,
    for 8 years I never had a time to review my books, not even a page,
    right now I know nothing, everything else is slept in to my brain, I can’t remember any lesson back in my college,

    do you think I can make it?
    please miss reah, do me a favor, give me a piece of advice!

  5. hi mairellah, i can’t help but notice the desperation in your comment so i’m replying back to boost your confidence. Of course I think you can make it! You just have to get your act together and plan your time to refresh your memory. For a start your on the right site. In my own experience this blog of Rhea had really helped me a lot to pass the LET. She has a very concise outline and resources and you can start on that to plan your review especially if you plan to review by yourself. If you plan to enrol in a review class (which in my opinion is much better) then you can compliment your review session with the outline from this site.
    Hey, I can relate to your situation being married and have children to take care of because I’m in the same situation when I reviewed and took my LET. This is adding to the fact that I am working full time. All I can say is that this is doable, you just have to make extra effort to make the most of your extra time. I know what you’re thinking, that you don’t have that extra time I’m talking about. Of course, you have! Here is to share what I did to find that “extra time” so I can study. First, I accounted the 24hours of my day. I listed the 24 hours as in 1 to 24 and then I blocked the hours that I’m asleep, my working hours and the hours that I need to alot to my family to get them where they are suppose to be. What remains is my supposed “extra time”. Then I listed down my house chores, my purpose is to plan on how to cut them short so I can have addtional “extra time”. I ended up with the ff: my laundry would have to be delegated to a laundry shop for the rest of my review months, my cooking would have to be planned on a weekly basis and would mostly consist of freeze meal and the kids would have a mandatory visit to grandma and grandpa every Sunday of the week.
    This is mostly what I did to find time to study and survive the LET. As a mom yourself I know you can be creative to find that extra time. I hope I made some sense and of help to your situation. Just go for it! And I’m with you in pursuing your career. Having a family should not be a hindrance but instead an inspiration. Goodluck!

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