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Passing the board exam for teachers or the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) demands a lot of time and mental effort. Sometimes, the money is also needed to review on review centers. However, for those who have decided to study on their own, finding review guides online may be hard. Well, they can but the results of online research may be unorganized. Not to mention that such activity requires patience, determination, and resourcefulness.

Anyway, if you were like me whose focus is English for LET [well, it’s really Mass Communications with 18 units of Educ.] or majored in English in College, you may want to take a look at these online resources I gathered. It is your own responsibility and judgement on how to make use of these resources I found.


  • Identify the literary pieces and figures that left significant marks in the library of nations and people.
  • Draw out universal and/or particular values from world-renowned literary selections
  • Interpret the way of life, culture and aspirations of peoples from library pieces that they produced
  • Formulate logical conclusions about life from select literary pieces
  • Apply ideas derived from famous literary pieces to current issues of universal concern

Free Online Sources:


  • Manifest familiarity with the theories of language learning and their effect on language teaching.
  • Apply the knowledge of linguistic theories to the teaching of grammar,composition, reading, and literature.
  • Apply techniques in teaching listening and oral interaction.
  • Apply the knowledge of the structure of English language to the teaching of communication arts and literature.
  • Evaluate the applicability of English instruction approaches/methods/techniques.

Free Online Sources


  • Identify the reading strengths and weakness of students
  • Illustrate important reading diagnosis techniques
  • Determine the appropriateness of teaching and testing material to be used in reading remediation
  • Differentiate the various levels of reading
  • Interpret the central ideas and themes of reading selections

Free Online Resources


  • Illustrate the interrelationship among communication media, the individual, and society
  • Identify the different forms of mass communication
  • Do simple editing, objective analysis and critical appraisal of a print excerpt
  • Express relevant and sound opinions about broadcast materials
  • Evaluate current media trends

Free Online Resources


  • Identify/apply principles in the different types of instructional material in English
  • Apply sound principles of teaching in the preparation of teaching aids/ devices
  • Manifest familiarity with the use of technology in the preparation of audio-visual materials in English
  • Apply principles of test construction for measuring English competencies
  • Apply validation principles in the preparation of instructional materials

22 thoughts on “Review English | Resources for English Major Test Takers

  1. hi,

    im a graduate of bsba and mem, im planning to take let exam but i think im kind a late for this march. but hoping this time is good for me to review for next years’ board.

    im thankful to find u, pls give me updates and tips on let exams and reviews for english tutorial.

    God bless.


  2. I printed the pointers you have provided. Hope those could guide me on what topics to review.Wish me luck!
    Thanks for those resources…

  3. hello can i ask something is it ok if i review for my own coz last time i attend for a review center but it doesn’t work so i failed the exam last march 11,2012hope you can help what is best,,i read lot of your tips hope those tips help me to passed the exam this time for the 3rd time its a shame for me for my family coz they expect a lot god bliss po and more power.

  4. Hi! 😉 I’m going to take the examination this month and I hope these information is such a big help for me. Thanks! Good Luck! God Bless us! 🙂

  5. I’ll be taking LET on March 2013 for the third time…those two exams I took made me very sad and dissappointed…I was hopeless then…but I know..I need to try another one, I tried to undergo review center but suddenly I wasn’t be able to register earlier. Luckily i found this site…it’s amazing…it gives me hope passing the LET this time…please pray for me…I am now starting to use every resource you have provided here, thank you so much. But one thing I want to know…how can I download your sample test papers here?so that I can review and answer it even I dont have access on the internet.

    Hope for your immediate response and Thank you.
    God bless you MISS RHEA GUEVARRA!

  6. could I ask also for a personal copy for sample let questionnaire . I will be taking on March 10 2013, but I’m bother for the major (ENGLISH MAJOR),.. WILL YOU PLEASE HELP ME.. THANK YOU.. i REALLy need it,

  7. Could I also ask for a personal copy of your sample let questionnaire?? please, I will be taking on march 2013, and I know it would help a lot.. thank you hope will help me, I am so bother with the major.( English major)

    god bless..

  8. Thanks Reah! This is a big help, really. God bless you and continue to keep the fire burning for your passion in writing and in helping people by providing them the information they need.

  9. hi, madam…. i just wanna ask if how pass for my LET this coming january 2014… its my four times…. and its really difficult for me as examinee. please help me…..i dont have any access only this net.

  10. Hi! I am still studying as a student teacher somewhere in Pampanga. Madam, man I have some reviewer as an English Major? God bless. and tnx a lot madam. 🙂 pls email me. … help me Lord.

  11. Hey.. I want to say thank you for the sources that you presented.. Hopefully, it will help me on passing the LET this July. Thanks again.

  12. thanks for this. hahy how I wish I can pass the exam this coming august 17. can you send me a coverage for the exam on august 17???please. thanks, and godbless

  13. Hi Ms. Reah.. First of all I would like to thank you for sharing these items (it will surely help me with my review and preparation for LET this coming August) I’m an English major … I just want to ask you when you took the exam which area was/were difficult for you? and how did you allocate your time weeks before the exam?

  14. Hi..thanks I read this….. pls help me also. I will be taking my first LET exam major in English on March 2015. Im so worried because the review center where I review could not offer specialization… so in short I have 50/50 chance of passing my majorship. I hope you help me. With joined palms.

  15. hi ms. reah… indeed it would be a great help for me … can you pls. send me a reviewer with its answer key in english… I’m a kinda badly in need of it… hope for your quick reponse thanks… i’m taking the LET this September… thanks and God Bless

  16. Thanks for the pointers you’ve inserted here . I am an Education Graduate majoring in English. This is my First examination on Sept 2015, Hope this pointers may help me reach my dreams to become a productive and Efficient teacher.

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