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Yeah, I have a lot of free time lately that I can even play a lot of Facebook Apps and computer games. Aside from Farm Town and Mahjong Titans, I am also into Typing Maniac in Facebook.

To type fast and accurate is one of the skills I have been trying to perfect eversince I got my own computer. I used to practice with Typing games that I downloaded for free online. So when I saw one of my Facebook friends news feed saying she was playing Typing Maniac, I was excited to try the game.

Typing Maniac has a cool game interface, and just like othe typing games, the ability to type fast and accurate will help you advance in the game, and get high scores of course.

The speed goes faster, and words get longer when level increases, but you can get through this challenge with the help of the bonus tiles: Fire, Ice, Slow, and Wind. You can get the bonus tiles by typing the words in the colored tiles which are red, blue, yellow, and purple. Then the bonus tiles pile up on the right column after you got the words correctly on the colored tiles.

Since you can only keep up to 6 bonus tiles while playing, it is best that you strategize when to use your bonus tiles, and what tiles to keep. To use a bonus tile, you have to type the word.

  • Type fire if you want to burn all the tiles.
  • Type ice to freeze the tiles
  • Type slow, so that the speed slows down
  • Type wind, if you want to make your error percentage back to 0%, so you could play the game longer

Since the game will be over once you have a lot of misses or 100% error percentage. it is best you have stock up in bonus tiles when you reach the higher levels.

Aside from bonus tiles, you might also have noticed the dark tiles. You have to get the word right on this tile on your first try or else, the speed will increase.

Strategy on Playing Typing Maniac

My strategy in playing depends on what special tiles I get while I level up, but I make sure I have Slow and Wind tiles so I can advance. I also to perfect the scores on the first levels, up to level 10. If I don’t have any error in typing, the bonus points I get on these levels help me make my score high. If I miss to perfect a level I make sure I at least have perfected one of the higher levels. The bonus points are bigger at this point. When I want to do this, I should plan well what bonus tiles to keep and use.

So far, my highest score is 380,344 at Level 19 679,666 at level 26 830,700 at Level 29. The top 1 one on my friend’s list got 921, 680 in Level 27. I am not sure what he did to reach that score. He’s just a random friend though so I could not really ask if he is cheating or not. Could you cheat in this game? Maybe he is really just fast typer, and good at using his power-up tiles.

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  1. My current score is about 843,000 on level 28, but i will keep trying harder to reach a million! I don’t think you can cheat in this game, but if you want a really high score then you need to know how to strategically use the bonus tiles 🙂

  2. Unfortunately there are ways to cheat at this game. There are cheating hacks that allow you to stop the words and get very high (5,000,000+) scores. My husband has gotten just over a million without the hacks though so high scores are possible without cheating.

  3. Hi , My current score now is 1,001,970 (lvl31). No cheats for typing maniac. It’s just that keep everything accurate and fast for the first 14 levels. I always store ice, wind. If i get slow i use it at once on fast levels.

    Keep at least 2-3 winds in the higher levels, Ice is also important. Slow is the least to keep, because on higher levels, ice would help more than slow.

    Pls add me in facebook, voltaire.tan.1979@gmail.com

    Jackie, if you can type 150 wpm, you should be able to reach more than a million though. My fastest is just 114 wpm.

  4. Hi Jenny, so that means almost all those top 100 in the world are fakes in typing maniac ??? i have just got 1.192M (lvl 33) ?:> hoorah!!! ?:>

    i really wonder how those guys in the top 100 in the world got so high scores, the least is 3.1M.

    I thought that after level 30, you can pile up to 10 special items, because there is an empty space above the container of the special items, but still, it limits to 6.

  5. No one cares if Jackie types 150wpm! If you do, prove it.

    You can slow down the app by having other stuff running in your windows, so that would be “cheating” – at least my computer has done that.

  6. Having your computer slow down doesn’t slow down the game! the flash program gets its timing of your internal cpu clock and if you attempted to slow your pc down by running loads of apps or high cpu usage the game will skip frames to catch up with where the tiles should be!

    This was an update response to a lot of people using cheat engine! so all the scores above the million mark are on the whole fake scores!

    So far there is no way to slow down the flash program unless you can access the coding, and there is no way to slow the cpu clock that I know of to cheat the game!

  7. Hi Rayk,

    Exactly. I tried playing Typing Maniac on my desktop computer that can’t load flash games well. I noticed it skipped frames to catch up.

  8. My top score is 1.7 million without cheating… it’s extremely hard. My main tip other than accuracy, perfect initial levels, and simply being a fast as hell typist: turn off the sound.

    It’s possible to cheat with VMware, Virtual PC etc. You can use the snapshot (VMware term to take image of running system so that you can go back to it over and over again). This way, you can, say get to level 25, take a snapshot, play level 25 and if you miss just revert to the snapshot. Additionally, you could take a movie of the level, note the words and then use a macro editor like texter, AutoHotKey etc. to type out the words automatically. If you’re bored enough and don’t consider the value of doing it for real, you can. This is just to share a method…the dirty feeling you’ll have after beating a friend this way is not worth the #1 spot.

  9. I got 1 million without cheating. However, I found a website that tells you how to cheat. I don’t know why you would want to do that!

  10. There is an old man on the screen that walks back and forth. Does that mean anything, or is it meant to be a distraction.

  11. Great game. It’s loads of fun and me and my siblings have quite a bit of rivalry at who can top the other. I think it’s super cheap that people cheat the game. I wasn’t sure that it was possible at first when I looked at the world scores and just assumed that maybe they used a Dvorak keyboard. My brother is insanely fast with a keyboard and got all the way to 1,886,000 WITHOUT cheats. I can only second him with 1,500,000. and my two sisters have both broken a million. I really improves your typing abilities if you seriously try at it. I can probably type at about 110-120 wpm now. but yes, it is possible to achieve 1 mill+ without useing any cheats. I can consistantly reach 1.1-1.2 and now the next goal is to see who can reach uber alien first. so keep trying 🙂

  12. theres no way that jackie girl types 150 wpm… haha… maybe if she is a court reporter on that special typewriter… but no way on a keyboard… ive heard of 90-110… but 150… get real!

  13. There IS a way to cheat.
    And I (before cheating) had a score of 1,700,40 (or something)… anyway.. e-mail me for how to do it.. It’s awesome haha and works on a ton of games like it. (all flash games for sure maybe more?

  14. I got to 10,403,663 and killed myself because I was tired of typing 50 LONG words just to get to a new level and my eyes were glazing over. Stopped at level 68. I am a “Spiritual Entity”.

  15. It’s very impressive that you type at 150, Jackie. I consider myself an excellent medical transcriptionist, have been for 22 years, and at my best I can only do 120-125. However, I think saying a score at 300,000 is low is sort of arrogant. I have played for an hour for my first time and am only at level 13 but geez! Some of the words they throw at you aren’t even words (that I’ve heard anyway). Plus, the sheer stress of words falling so fast makes me start screwing up.

  16. OMG, I just got 325,000 points and I thought I was the greatest. Wow you people are getting into the millions? I am very impressed. Wow. Well I can see I have something to strive for. (I got a zero on my very first game because I did not know that I had to hit the enter key each time LOL)

  17. I finally got up to 566,000 and then my computer decided to do a McAfee Update and it froze everything I was doing and ruined me from going forward……..I bet I would have gotten up to at least 800,000. I do not understand at all why anybody would want to cheat – what is the fun in that?? Makes no sense. It is fun to try and improve your score honestly.

    1. I got so addicted to it because I want to beat my own high score. For sure those fast typists can really get high scores with the proper use of special tiles.

  18. Stop lying guys those who got high scores definitely cheated using cheat engine. You’re just fooling yourselves if you use that. Sorry to say to all cheaters you’re all LOSERS!!!

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