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LET Exam – Online Educational Resources as Reviewers

By on May 31, 2011 in Education | 70 comments

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My article written less than two years ago on how to pass the licensure exam for teachers received a lot of comments especially on where to find reviewers online. Since I’m not aware of any site dedicated to LET reviewers,  I listed below foreign educational websites which can stand as your reviewers if you want to study on your own. You will find lessons, quizzes, practice tests, and videos in the list. This list may actually be helpful as well to other graduates taking other exams from PRC since they may also have to answer General Ed questions.

Disclaimer: These are foreign based websites I found informative and helpful on self-studying. Use these websites to relearn concepts from grade school, high school, and college. Some concepts may be new to you since quality of education tends to vary by location, but please try to be resourceful if you don’t understand one concept. Use Google to find websites relevant to topics you may need help understanding more. Remembering concepts and analyzing data well will help you pass the licensure exam for teachers (and common sense will guide you along the way). So practice and practice. There are instances though that enrolling in review centers is best for you.


Pointers to Review


General (English, Math, Science)

Education-Specific (Only topics that I can remember)

Gen. Ed. English



Gen. Ed. Math



Gen. Ed. Science


Quiz / Tests

Gen. Ed. Filipino

Gen. Ed. Economics

Gen. Ed. Social Science

P.E (some teachers)

Please also check: