Halloween Tidbits: Facts or Fiction

Are you tired of doing things over and over again, and willing to try something new? Moreover, do you have the guts to meet “new friends”?

Well, read further more!

Why not leave that chair and take off your clothes? Wear it inside out and start walking backwards to where the roads meet. Then if you’ll wait until midnight , luckily you’ll meet a witch!

(Warning: If you are eager to continue, then, fine.)

If you are one of those people who tremble, scream, and run away upon seeing a…ghaghaghost….then, bury animal bones or a picture of an animal near your doorway.

In case you haven’t done this yet and you see a ghost on your way, grab a key and throw it to him. Eventually the ghost will disappear. By the way, one of the indications of a ghost nearby is when a candle flame suddenly turns blue. You don’t have a candle, huh? Better stock up and use one. Otherwise, you’ll never know.

Another thing about ghosts is that they don’t have shadows and leave no footprints. (Comments please!)

Now, let’s talk about cats. It is believed in North America that a black cat crossing your path is bad luck while a white one is good luck. In Britain and Ireland, however, it’s exactly the opposite.

On the other hand, if time will come that you start to dream of becoming invisible, take a look at your cat for his bones are your token of achieving it. Just be ready to sacrifice your cat’s life.

Longing for your dead loved ones? Hey! They are just watching over the ceiling after they had finished weaving their webs.

If you crave for more “ghostly superstitions”, this article could not satisfy you anymore because it has reached its end. Why not search for Halloween-born babies. They might tell you more since they are known for sighting spirits and communicating with them.

Revision of an article that was first posted in the Junior Pharos (in MCU) circa 2002.

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