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How to Delete A Friendster Blog

By on Mar 1, 2009 in Internet | 12 comments

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SInce Friendster is now using the WordPress Blogging Platform, deleting your blog here will also be the same as deleting a blog. (If you want to make a back-up first before you delete your blog. I will show you on the next tutorial. So, I think, don’t delete your blog yet.)

If you want your blog to be removed from Friendster, here’s how you do it.

1. Log in to your Friendster account of course.

2. On My Tools, there is a drop down arrow that says More, just below the Edit Profile link.

3. From the drop down arrow, click Update Blog. It will direct you to the wordpress software inside

4. Look for Settings link. At the left side, you see the links Write, Manage, Design, and Comments. But the link you need to click is not on that side, but on the opposite side. Uhm… I mean the right side of course. You will see there the less visible links which are Settings, Plugins, Users. Now you found the Settings link, so click on that.

5. On the settings page, just right after General, you will find these links: Writing, Reading, Discussion, Privacy, Permalinks, Miscellaneous, Delete Blog. Click Delete Blog link.

6. On the Delete Blog page, you will receive this message:

If you do not want to use your Friendster Blogs blog any more, you can delete it using the form below. When you click Delete My Blog you will be sent an email with a link in it. Click on this link to delete your blog.

Remember, once deleted your blog cannot be restored.

7. Check the box that you are agreeing to the statement: 

I’m sure I want to permanently disable my blog, and I am aware I can never get it back or use again. Then click the Delete Blog button.

8. You are not yet done Log-in to your email address to click the confirmation link. Your blog will not be deleted unless you have clicked this link from your email.

9. Now that you have received the email from Friendster, and you are sure about deleting your blog. Then click the confirmation link. Make sure your pop-up blocker is temporarily allowed, or on.




  1. sj,.df

    September 16, 2009

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    ok so yeaa im trying to delete my blog on friendster but that freakin email confirmation link, i dont even receive it and im sure the email address i used is the right one! can you please help me??

    • reah

      September 16, 2009

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      Check first your spam folder. The confirmation message might be there. But if you still can’t find it, you should contact Friendster customer support.

  2. wateber

    April 4, 2010

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    well uhm ive deleted my friendster first and i forgot the password to my friendster blog… how am i supposed to delete it?? pls help.. because i thought if ive deleted my friendster then everything will be deleted..

  3. duh

    July 7, 2010

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    wateber Says:
    April 4th, 2010 at 11:09 am
    well uhm ive deleted my friendster first and i forgot the password to my friendster blog… how am i supposed to delete it?? pls help.. because i thought if ive deleted my friendster then everything will be deleted..

    I also have the same problem….can anyone help us?

  4. katkout

    November 11, 2010

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    hi i have the same problem with wateber and mie..and there’s this 50+ trackbacks that goes in my inbox and i hate it…pls help…thanx

  5. K M

    January 29, 2011

    Post a Reply

    I’m trying to delete my blog, and I’ve already clicked the link on the confirmation email. However, I can still see my blog! Why?

    • Incognito

      April 22, 2011

      Post a Reply

      Got the same case as K M here. :( Heck, I tried the whole procedure THRICE, and I can still see my blog. Damn.

  6. irfania

    February 5, 2011

    Post a Reply

    hi, i dont have my friendster account anymore but my blog still exist and i’m trying to delete it but i cannot. is there any other way to delete that blog? and i really really need to delete it because my boyfriend read it and he’s kinda upset ‘cos my blog is all bout my ex-boyfriend :p


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  8. soske

    May 10, 2011

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    i deleted my friendster account a long time ago. recently i discovered the blog still exists when somebody posted comments on my blog entry. how do i delete a blog when i no longer have a friendster account?

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