I can buy happiness but not people

I’ve read that sentence often while playing Metropolis, another Facebook App I came across. It’s a game to build your own city. The more people you have the more jobs get filled, the more you earn. Happiness may decrease though overtime if your citizens aren’t happy on the way you manage your city. But you can buy happiness by buying certain landmarks or creating entertainment.

Well, there was one feature that allows other players to populate (give one citizen) your city or entertain, and they can only do one at a certain time. Since happiness can be bought and not people, most players in Metropolis prefer other players to populate their city rather than have their city entertained. Hence, you would often see: Don’t entertain. I can buy happiness but not people.

Somehow, a phrase of that sentence is the opposite of a common saying, that money can’t buy happiness.  Even if you have a lot of money and can afford to go out to entertain yourself, you will still feel empty if you are looking for the true happiness within yourself.

I wish that I could really buy happiness.

I can buy happiness and not people…

Another sad reality of life is conveyed on the later part of that sentence. Yes, you can buy people.  To lie for you. To make love for you. To serve you however you want. But you cannot buy the people who loves and appreciate you sincerely.

I wish I could buy people.

4 thoughts on “I can buy happiness but not people

  1. ive always disliked that line, money doesnt buy happiness. i think it was because id always heard pple that had everything say it. and still they were complaining, even lecturing on how money wasnt important. as i struggled having little money, the lack of good true friends, and a significant other, i chirped back, yeah but it can make the bumpy road a damn sight smoother. these rich folks that cant find happiness through their stacks of cash, might find that elusive substance called happiness, if they would generously give of themselves for some worthy and noble cause. they might even make some real friends along the way.

    true some pple can be bought, always has been that way and always will be. are there more of that type today, in this very material world where ethics and morals seem secondary to money, power and success? as scientists continue to perfect the robot mate, one has to wonder if that will be the future alternative for those looking to buy everything in life.

    those that have pple that truly love and appreciate them in life have something an infinite degree of money cant buy. in a sense, they are the ones that have won the lottery in this life.

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