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8 Reasons Why We Bought a Light Residences Unit

By on May 13, 2012 in Condominiums, Philippines | 9 comments

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During our 2-month vacation in the Philippines early this year, my husband and I had an unplanned condominium purchase, which we do not regret (so far). We bought a one-bedroom condo unit in Light Residences on one of its towers that will be completed in 2014, two years from now.

Light Residences are one of those pre-selling condominium projects that are popular in the Philippines nowadays. The units are sold/reserved before they are actually built. You give your trust to the company’s name when you involve yourself in this type of project and SM, the developer of Light, is a Philippine company you can trust.

Pre-selling is a set up that worked for my husband and I since we do not plan to go back to the Philippines anytime soon. So, the two year building time for Tower 3, where our unit is located, is not bad of a waiting period. And we look at this as a sort of investing in an SM project currently in development.

One of the three towers of Light though, which is Tower 1, will be turned over soon to their respective buyers. Either late this year or early next year. 

So, among the condo projects in Metro Manila that we saw, why did we choose Light Residences?

  1. Light Residences is in Mandaluyong City, situated in the middle of Ortigas, Makati business district, and Fort Bonifacio-Global City.
  2. Built next to the MRT’s Boni station and along EDSA, commuting will not be a problem for my husband and I, as we do not plan to get a car while staying in the Philippines. My family would not have a hard time traveling to our place when they visit us.
  3. Closer turnover date for one of its towers. It’s 2014.
  4. Great amenities and access to many malls. Many condo developments are around the area as well, one of which will have a public garden near Shaw Boulevard.
  5. Traveling to the airport would not be a problem as the towers are next to EDSA.
  6. We checked the noise coming from the busy highway. It wouldn’t be that of a problem as they are building the place “sound proof”.
  7. SM, a trustworthy Philippine company.
  8. Business networking possibilities with well-to-do neighbors.



  1. esteban

    July 19, 2012

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    How much is the cost ?
    I’ve seen several un finished condo bldg along roxas blvd and also near NKI in quezon city. What will happen if the bldg is completed ? Will you be able to recover your money?

  2. James

    October 3, 2014

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    This is great! Buying a pre-selling condo is a wise move considering that you are abroad! By the way, like SM condos, I also find a work from Megaworld interesting. You can visit them here,

  3. Cherrie

    November 14, 2014

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    Hello, if you do not mind, I would like to know how much did you buy your property in 2012? We wanted to calculate the appreciation growth year on year. We are deciding to buy a property within the same area. Would appreciate if you can share by sending me an email. Many thanks.

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