Linkbuilding with Hubpages

I was told before that one of the best place to publish linkbuilding articles is Hubpages. I was warned though not to put a lot of inbound links to my site or I would get banned. I somehow didn’t listen to that advice since I just really want to try how linkbuilding works. So, I put up hubs for one of my websites and had put a lot of links to it. Well, it seemed like a resource page that it never got banned and the linkbuilding indeed worked. (There was one hub that got banned though, and my reason I believe was it was in an article form rather than a list that would be a resourceful page for internet surfers.)

But recently, I just did a ridiculous thing. I removed my best hub, and thought of republishing it in another account. And surprisingly, Hubpages would not allow me to publish that hub because I was overly promotional. Hubpages immediately detected that I had more than two links pointing to one site. In fact, I had about 100 links. Below is the warning I got from Hubpages.


If there was one thing that I learned in this experience, aside from not making hasty decisions, was that Hubpages now allows only two links to a particular site. So if you are going to use Hubpages for linkbuilding purposes, they now have a specific word on it.