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Minimum Units Required on the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET)

By on Jun 9, 2011 in Education | 47 comments

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It is often asked on this blog what’s the minimum education units required to register for the licensure examination for teachers. It is 18. Perhaps the confusion arose from the rumors that PRC would increase the minimum to at least 30 units soon.  However, until now, there is no memo issued regarding this.

In PRC’s official website, it has a page where you can find a list of the requirements for non BSE or BSED graduates. Below the list is the minimum number of units. It shows 18 units for all Bachelor’s degree except for those who have Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Sciences (where 10 units is the minimum requirement). If you still doubt the information in their webpage, please visit the nearest PRC office in your area to ask an officer in person.

The 18 units minimum requirement is under R.A. 4670 which is the Magna Carta for Public School Teachers.

Also, on the same PRC page that list the requirements, there’s a link to download the table of specifications (competencies to be tested in LET).  This file  shows the topics that will be covered for the Professional Education part of the exam: (1) Foundation of Education and Human Growth and Development, (2)  Principles and Strategies of Teaching, (3) Measurement and Evaluation, and (4) Social Philosophies. Knowing these, you can identify if the units you took from your alma mater taught these topics to you.

Based on PRC’s table of specifications, I created a PDF file with pointers to review on Professional Education which you can view here. The pointers are created by me by carefully looking at the competencies that will be tested and from what I can remember (that I learned in school and from the reviewers I got before the exam). Please feel free to use this file especially if you are reviewing on your own. I also have one for General Education.

What are the subjects that are considered for the 18 units?

Source: PRC’s PDF file for Professional Education (Please look at the PDF file for list of equivalent subjects)

1. EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY or any of the (7) equivalent subjects.

2. PRINCIPLES AND TECHNIQUES OF TEACHING or any of the (14) equivalent subjects.

3. PRINCIPLES OF EDUCATION or any of the (6) equivalent subjects.

4. MEASUREMENT AND EVALUATION or any of the (5) equivalent subjects.

The remaining six (6) units may be met by completing any two of the following professional education courses:

1. Principle and Techniques of Guidance and any other Guidance Course

2. Educational Sociology

3. Observation and Participation/Observation and Community Immersion

4. Audio-Visual Education

5. Curriculum Development

6. Preparation of Curriculum Materials

7. Administration and Supervision

8. The Child and the Curriculum

9. Student Teaching/Internship/Practicum

10. Educational Leadership

11. Values Education

12. Special Education

13. Early Childhood Education