More Tips When Taking the LET

I already wrote 10 tips on taking the Licensure Exam for Teachers, but I remembered something last night that I missed sharing. It is about my experience when answering some math questions.

Anyway, here’s tip #11:

When trying to solve math problems manually (paper and pen), make an effort to organize your solutions.

At any empty corner of the solution you just wrote, write the number of the question that solution was for.

Then encircle this number or use any symbols you would like. Then, box the entire solution with the number in it or at least separate that section with a line from the other solutions you have.

This way, if you are unable to solve a problem quickly you can easily go back to it later on and see what you already have done for that question.

You don’t have to do this with every math question you are trying to solve. Do this with questions you decided to give up at that moment.

And another but not related to just Math, tip #12:

Do not spend a lot of time answering one question when there are still a lot of questions you may answer right quickly. This is a paraphrasing of my Tip #8 from my previous article, but there’s an addition to it.

Keep a section of your scratch paper, if you have any, and name that section “skipped questions” or just “skipped” with the appropriate subjects. Put the numbers of your skipped questions here.

Later on, when you have time, go back to those skipped questions and cross a number out once you finish answering it.

If you are allowed to write on the test booklets, just go ahead and mark that skipped question with a star or an “x” mark, so you can easily find these questions when you are going over the test the second time.

Tip #13:

Be careful with questions that have conditions such as “not”, “except”, “including”, “never”, “only”, “best”, and other similar words.

It’s been a while and I didn’t have my old LET reviewers with me in my current location, so I can’t verify if there are really questions that have these words.

But I took some multiple choice exams in the past year and there were questions that contained these words.

The tip is: Read and understand the question thoroughly. You can rephrase the question as well, and maybe by doing that, you will understand it better.

When you missed reading the word “except” in the question, then your answer is most likely wrong.


One question that I haven’t forgotten is a question about the side view mirror of a car.

The reason I think I remember it until now is because I decided to verify my answer once the test was over (I was not that observant you know and didn’t pay much attention reviewing mirrors or lenses).

Now, when I’m in a car and happens to look at a side view mirror, I remember that question.

Well the question is: “When you look at a car’s  side view mirror, is the image you are seeing closer?”

Whatever the actual question might had been, I found out that what you see in the side view mirror is closer than you think. They appear farther and smaller. As an object go closer to the mirror, it appears bigger. A vehicle’s side view mirror typically has a convex lens.

I don’t remember what I answered on that question. I think I was just curious to research after the exam was over.

Read more about curved mirrors in Wikipedia.

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