Most Filipinos are short?

Oh well, I am short. I just had a medical exam and the nurse told me my height is 4 feet and 11.5 inches. I was standing up straight that time hoping she would tell me my height was 5 feet at least. I was disappointed, but it’s a fact I have to live with.

Anyways, today while I was twittering with my other Twitter account. I found someone’s tweet saying…. “Surprised to see that the avg height of Filipinos is 5’4.5″ for men and 4’11.8″ for women.” Here’s the screenshot of her tweet.

[no screenshot anymore because I forgot to move the pic when I changed my hosting, and I couldn’t find the tweet anymore – June 20, ’09]

I am somehow pleased that Filipinos don’t have the shortest average height based on her source.

4 thoughts on “Most Filipinos are short?

  1. Haha… my mom and all my aunts have a uniform height of 4’11” and 1/4 with a bold and almost war-like emphasis on the “1/4”.

  2. Im a filipino and I just turned 12 last april 12. My mother’s height is 4’11,My father’s height is 5’8 and my sister’s height are 5’2 5’3 5′(They’re 24 23 18) Im the youngest and my height is 5’1 1/2 and growing. I think it depends on our genes..

  3. Its true filipinos are short but some are also tall, i consider myself as tall because i am 12 and my height is 5 feet its because of the genes

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