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Most Filipinos are short?

By on Jun 12, 2008 in Philippines | 4 comments

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Oh well, I am short. I just had a medical exam and the nurse told me my height is 4 feet and 11.5 inches. I was standing up straight that time hoping she would tell me my height was 5 feet at least. I was disappointed, but it’s a fact I have to live with.

Anyways, today while I was twittering with my other Twitter account. I found someone’s tweet saying…. “Surprised to see that the avg height of Filipinos is 5’4.5″ for men and 4’11.8″ for women.” Here’s the screenshot of her tweet.

[no screenshot anymore because I forgot to move the pic when I changed my hosting, and I couldn’t find the tweet anymore – June 20, ’09]

I am somehow pleased that Filipinos don’t have the shortest average height based on her source.