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15 Most Popular Queries On Google.Com.Ph – February 2008

By on Mar 20, 2008 in Internet | 0 comments

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Google knows what we have been searching everyday, and they post the monthly top queries of every country through Google Zeitgeist. Here are the top 15 queries of on Google Philippines for February 2008.

1. frank iero – (band member of My Chemical Romance)

2. fitrum – (dietary supplement)

3. devil naruto – (anime character)

4. will devaughn – (local celebrity)

5. ford philippines

6. kakuzu – (anime)

7. volkswagen

8. adobe acrobat

9. slam dunk anime

10. meralco foundation – (technological institute)

11. emo lover

12. aya natsume – (anime character)

13. presidente ng pilipinas – (president of the philippines)

14. pisces

15. computer hardware

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