The first web pages I designed

Remember the post where I talked about changing a layout of a Pligg’s template? Well, it was not successful, or let’s just say I didn’t push through with it. I got impatient so I put it off. Besides, the site will not be live until October, so I still have time, or maybe my friend will do it by himself.

Though I did not do my first-ever-challenging-web-designing task, I was able to do something else. I designed some html pages for my WordPress blog. I copied the stylesheet though of my WordPress theme Arthemia. Although the biggest reason I copied the stylesheet was for me to save time, and since I was impatient to do my own, the other sensible excuse was for that the html pages be identical to the current WordPress theme. I don’t want my visitors get confused seeing different designs on one site.

Anyway, the experience was cool. I didn’t use any program like Dreamweaver to help me make this task easier. I think this was helpful in a way so that I’d learn the basics myself. I just looked up for HTML codes online and pasted it on my index.php file. I also clicked ‘view source’ of some sites I want to imitate just to understand how it had been done, and then added the HTML codes on my file, then tested them to see how and if it works. But I used PSPad in editing the files I was creating. Unlike editing in notepad, the codes in this application have colors and some are indented. It was easy for me to look up for a code. In my first hours of editing though, I used notepad, and just by looking at all those texts gave me headache. Thank god my friend suggested PSPad.

After almost 25 hours, here is the result, the list of korean dramas with OST lyrics in my blog. (If you browse the page, and saw all those pages that have lists, they are the HTML pages.) The hardest part on this task was adding 120 anchors, just so that my visitors can easily see the lyrics they want after clicking a link. Also, I have to make 26 identical pages, which I think is easy, if not only they were not 26 pages. (Each letter of the alphabet has their own page.) Not to mention the separate page for numbers, and 3 other pages, and looking for images in for the auto-rotate-images effect I’d used.

Anyway, the main reason why I created the HTML pages in replacement of the old pages saved in WordPress, is for us (my partner and I) to save the memory usage on the server…hmmm… Well, that’s what I understood.

The old pages were the ones that get the highest traffic in the blog for these are the index pages for all the lyrics published in the site. Since the pages were in WordPress, the server accesses the WordPress database everytime the pages are opened by a visitor, thus, consuming a lot of memory. Also, I think the HTML pages now make it easy for my visitors to locate a lyric in my site.

Well, this is my first web pages, and I hope I can do more next time. =)