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To get your Philippine passport photo taken is a tricky task. What if, it is not the right photo requirement? Then it would be a waste of money right?

Well, what I did was just trust the staff from the photo studio I went to. It was the studio near Mendiola, Manila or to be exact, in front of Samson Technology nearby Mendiola. If I remember it right, the name of the studio is Dreamscape. I told the staff that I need the photo for passport application, and with royal blue background. I don’t remember the price. It was about a year ago already.

Before I went to the studio, I called the Passport hotline (737-1000) to verify the rules for the photo requirement especially the size of the Philippine passport. And here is what it says in the website:

Three (3) colored photos of the applicant taken against a royal blue background & no shadow. Applicant should be in decent attire with collar & sleeves and in dark-colored shirt. Photo must be studio taken & of good quality, and must have been taken within the last six (6) months. Photo size: 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm. Facial image size: About 3cm-tip of head to chin; with 8-10mm head clearance from top edge. Ears and forehead should be visible. Wearing of accessories, colored contact lenses or eyeglasses, with name/name board are not allowed. DFA has the right to reject photos that do not comply with specifications and international standards.


Although when you go to the DFA to process your passport application and found out that your photo is not the right requirement, there are photo express centers inside. I don’t remember the price.

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