TLE Reviewer: Technology and Livelihood Education

I received a lot of requests for a TLE reviewer for Licensure Exam for Teachers(LET); so, I decided to create a guide. My specialization was English, so please, consider my background as well when I did the following guide. What I mean by that is I did not take classes on TLE in college so my judgement may not be as good as yours. However, I had drafting and electricity classes in high school which were among my favorite subjects. Please consider reading the disclaimer as well as another tip from me.


Below are free downloadable online books on Electricity from Google Books: (use Chrome?)

Below are online quizzes on electricity:

Refrigeration and Airconditioning (RAC)

Below are online quizzes on RAC:



  • Discuss the different uses and maintenance of woodwork
    • Uses of woodwork? Let me guess, to create furniture that humans can use inside their house, at school, or at work, or anywhere. XD
    • Maintenance of woodwork, let me guess, again. Well, wood degrades, right? Or paint goes off? So you have to refinish, repaint it or do some careful cleaning with it by considering what cleaning items to use with it. Haha.. I’m just guessing here since I can’t find any online sources.
  • Constructcommon wood joints
  • Explain the principles of mensuration and layout
    • What is mensuration?
    • I don’t know what the principles of mensuration and layout is, but isn’t that just asking you the importance of having measurements and layouts while doing woodwork? I might be wrong, so please refer to your books.
  • Explain the importance, uses, and maintenance of different woodworking machines


  • Demonstrate understanding of basic shop principles, practices, and fundamental aspects of automotive
  • Manifest understanding of engine classification
  • Demonstrate fundamental operations of engine fuel system
  • Demonstrate ability to apply knowledge of ignition system

Honestly, I’m stuck here. I can’t find any specific good online resources. So please consider reading the following webpages. Maybe you know where to look.

Radio Mechanics

Metal Works

General readings:

Entrepreneurship/Business and Distribute Arts

  • Describethe role of entrepreneurship in economic growth
  • Identifythe different types of business organizations
  • Understand the prospects of the industrial arts in economic growth
    • Is this asking about all the subjects here like the impact of Auto Mechanics, Electricity, Metal Works, Radio Mechanics, etc. in the growth of an economy? Just imagine if a lot of people in the Philippines can do this stuff and a lot of people can buy cars. In other countries, people who work in these fields earn a decent amount of money. I mean these are noble jobs in other countries.




Instructional Methods and Evaluation of Learning

  • Teaching Strategies
    • Now, how will you teach these subjects?
  • Evaluation of Teaching and Learning
    • Now, ask yourself how you will evaluate your students with what they learned from these subjects.



This document is based on a PDF file I downloaded from PRC’s official website in May 2011 before they redesigned their site. As of now, I can’t find this document on their new site structure. Please use this as one of your guides when reviewing but I cannot attest that PRC is still going to test these competencies on the coming LET. However, these will at least give you direction, and if you are a retaker, these should ring a bell to you, reminding you of questions on the LET you took before.

With each of the competencies that PRC is going to test, I have listed some websites that you might want to read if you don’t have any books from college you can use. Please use your judgment on reading through these websites. Some of the information may not apply. As I mentioned earlier, my concentration was English so I have no idea what you learned in College. I’m just trying to help.


Among my favorite subjects when I was in High School were Electricity and Drafting. I did pretty well.

Another tip:

What I can tell you about the whole exam is it’s designed to test your knowledge and understanding (so equip yourself with these two). Learn to reason out and apply any knowledge and compare different methods from each other. A lot of questions are designed to trick you, but in the end you might just end up with two possible choices after eliminating the two options that are detractors obviously. With two possible choices left, this is the time to analyze, compare, and most probably just use common sense.

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