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101 Ways to Improve Your English – For Non-native Speakers

By on Sep 5, 2011 in Education, Language | 10 comments

Having English as a second language, I played kids vocabulary games, watched English TV shows with captions on, read English books aloud, and thought in English all day—all so I can be fluent in English. How hard can that goal be? Hard but fun! And as if those “hard-but-fun” activities are not enough to accomplish my goal, I created my own word games, made bike riding an educational activity, and tested myself on how many English words I could spell correctly in an hour. The last one sounds overboard, don’t you think? But I did it. Let’s say it was the product of too much enthusiasm (and free time?) Ha! That activity made me a better speller though and it is just one of a few examples of what you can do to improve your English too. In fact, at the end of this article is a 101 list of activity ideas, so be ready to fill your to-do lists and desks. No need to do all the activities listed...

Parts of Speech Mind Map

By on Jul 29, 2011 in Education | 71 comments

If you have a hard time memorizing the parts of speech, this mind map may help you do it better. There are 8 parts of speech, and these are: noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective, conjunction, interjection, and preposition. The branches show examples of each part of speech. Like: Examples of adjective are: beautiful, dry, blue, great, difficult.

Review English | Resources for English Major Test Takers

By on Jul 26, 2011 in Education | 23 comments

Passing the board exam for teachers or the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) demands a lot of time and mental effort. Sometimes, the money is also needed to review on review centers. However, for those who have decided to study on their own, finding review guides online may be hard. Well, they can but the results of online research may be unorganized. Not to mention that such activity requires patience, determination, and resourcefulness. Anyway, if you were like me whose focus is English for LET [well, it's really Mass Communications with 18 units of Educ.] or majored in English in College, you may want to take a look at these online resources I gathered. It is your own responsibility and judgement on how to make use of these resources I found. LITERATURE: 35% Identify the literary pieces and figures that left significant marks in the library of nations and people. Draw out universal...

Change (Money): English to Filipino Sentences Translations

By on Jun 2, 2011 in Language | 1 comment

This is the first article in the series of English to Filipino sentence translations I will post in this blog. Subject: Change Subject’s Definition: The smaller denominations of money (like coins) that will be exchanged for same amount but with a bigger denomination of money (like a 100 bill). Corrected English to Filipino Online Translations English Sentence Correct translation Google’s Translation Do you have change? May barya ka ba? (Asking one person)  May barya ba kayo? (Asking several people) Mayroon ba kayong baguhin? Do you have change for this? May barya ka ba para dito? (Asking one person)  May barya ba kayo para dito? (Asking several people) Mayroon ba kayong baguhin para sa mga ito? I have change. Mayroon akong barya. Mayroon akong baguhin. I need change for my thousand peso bill. Kailangan ko ng barya para sa aking isang libong papel....