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Experience Points Needed To Level Up in Farm Town

Okay. I will do my best to make this my last article about Farm Town. I just couldn’t help myself, when there is still a lot to talk about this popular Facebook App.

If you are one of those people wondering why it takes you so long to level up in higher levels, that’s because the experience points needed at that point are higher than at the lower levels.

So far, the highest level is 34 which is a Green Wizard. That’s the only time you can buy a mansion. But all will start of course at level 1 with a 12 x 12 land to start with. Different experience points are needed at each level to progress, and certain features are unlocked once you reach certain levels.

Here are the experience points to reach in advancing to the next level. For example, to reach level 4 from level 3, you just need 50 more experience points. 50 + 50 = 100. Apprentice or Level 4 is at 100 experience points.

Level Experience Points Title
1 0 Getting Started
2 20 Just Moved In
3 50 Learning the Ropes
4 100 Apprentice
5 250 Farmer
6 500 Adept
7 750 Promising Farmer
8 1000 Green Thumb
9 1500 Popular Farmer
10 2000 Superb Farmer
11 2500 Talented Farmer
12 3000 Talk of the Town
13 3500 Distinguished Farmer
14 4000 Specialist
15 4500 Inspiring Farmer
16 5000 VIP
17 6000 High Achiever
18 7000 Master Farmer
19 8000 Influential Farmer
20 9000 Expert Farmer
21 10,000 Eminent Farmer
22 11,000 Mighty Farmer
23 12,500 Gifted Farmer
24 15,000 Green Ace
25 20,000 Acclaimed Farmer
26 25,000 Just Brilliant
27 35,000 Extraordinary Farmer
28 45,000 Virtuoso
29 55,000 Green Prodigy
30 70,000 Awe Inspiring
31 85,000 Force of Nature
32 100,000 Green Genius
33 120,000 Tycoon
34 150,000 Green Wizard

SOURCE: Farm Town in Wikipedia

I can buy happiness but not people

I’ve read that sentence often while playing Metropolis, another Facebook App I came across. It’s a game to build your own city. The more people you have the more jobs get filled, the more you earn. Happiness may decrease though overtime if your citizens aren’t happy on the way you manage your city. But you can buy happiness by buying certain landmarks or creating entertainment.

Well, there was one feature that allows other players to populate (give one citizen) your city or entertain, and they can only do one at a certain time. Since happiness can be bought and not people, most players in Metropolis prefer other players to populate their city rather than have their city entertained. Hence, you would often see: Don’t entertain. I can buy happiness but not people.

Somehow, a phrase of that sentence is the opposite of a common saying, that money can’t buy happiness.  Even if you have a lot of money and can afford to go out to entertain yourself, you will still feel empty if you are looking for the true happiness within yourself.

I wish that I could really buy happiness.

I can buy happiness and not people…

Another sad reality of life is conveyed on the later part of that sentence. Yes, you can buy people.  To lie for you. To make love for you. To serve you however you want. But you cannot buy the people who loves and appreciate you sincerely.

I wish I could buy people.

Stock Investing App on Facebook

I am into a lot of Facebook apps lately, if you have noticed–Typing Maniac, Farm Town, Mafia Wars, and Word Island. At the same time, I am also into investing books. So, I got curious if there is one app about investing that I could play in Facebook. Perhaps a virtual practice account in investing like the one I have in Investopedia.com. Luckily, there is a Facebook app! A stock investing simulator called kaChing, which uses the actual data in the US stock markets.


So far, I like using kaChing app more than the virtual stocks account I have in Investopedia. You know why? Because I have $10,000,000 in the virtual portfolio which is a higher amount than the one I have in my Investopedia practice account. I can buy more stocks, and trade more here in kaChing. =P

Typing Games on Facebook

You might have tried playing Typing Maniac in Facebook but your computer might not be able to support the Flash game, or it will not load. I have exeprienced that same problem with my old desktop computer. I have upgraded my flash but my screen still sometimes freezes because of the low specs of my desktop. I got frustrated with it so I ended up playing the game again with the laptop.

I want to use the keyboard on my desktop though in typing games, so I tried to find other typing games in Facebook that I could play with my old desktop. And I found some.

  1. Typing Monster – This App has an old-school design, incomparable to Typing Maniac. The good thing about it though is you are going to type a paragraph, which combines uppercase letters and punctiation marks, while numbers are in a bomb. You should type the numbers as soon as they appear. Of course if the bomb explodes you will lose one life. You have 5 lives to spare, and if all are used up, the game is over.
  2. Typing Race – As name implies it is a race on typing, LIVE. On your first time playing, you will choose a car, and your country. Then choose whom would you like to race with: with your friends or with random people in Facebook playing the game at that time. This is a good game to see for yourself how fast you can type against other people in 30 seconds. You will see your typing speed at the end of the game.
  3. Typing Speed – This is just a simple and short game. In 30 seconds of typing  you can find out what is your typing speed and accuracy rate. Typing Maniac does not compute your typing speed, so play this game if you want to find out.
  4. The Typing of the Ghosts – Ghosts appear together with the words you have to type. The ghosts get bigger and bigger, so you type the words, or numbers as fast as you can. If not, the ghost will snatch your life. You have 5 lives to spare in this game too.
  5. pa-Ching Typing Game – See how fast you can type by typing three sentences or 10 sentences. That’s it. I would say that the goal of the developer of this app is just to gain money in Adsense.

Having able to play these five typing games, I realized that Typing Maniac is the best among all of the typing games in Facebook.

Facebook Typing Maniac

Yeah, I have a lot of free time lately that I can even play a lot of Facebook Apps and computer games. Aside from Farm Town and Mahjong Titans, I am also into Typing Maniac in Facebook.

To type fast and accurate is one of the skills I have been trying to perfect eversince I got my own computer. I used to practice with Typing games that I downloaded for free online. So when I saw one of my Facebook friends news feed saying she was playing Typing Maniac, I was excited to try the game.

Typing Maniac has a cool game interface, and just like othe typing games, the ability to type fast and accurate will help you advance in the game, and get high scores of course.

The speed goes faster, and words get longer when level increases, but you can get through this challenge with the help of the bonus tiles: Fire, Ice, Slow, and Wind. You can get the bonus tiles by typing the words in the colored tiles which are red, blue, yellow, and purple. Then the bonus tiles pile up on the right column after you got the words correctly on the colored tiles.

Since you can only keep up to 6 bonus tiles while playing, it is best that you strategize when to use your bonus tiles, and what tiles to keep. To use a bonus tile, you have to type the word.

  • Type fire if you want to burn all the tiles.
  • Type ice to freeze the tiles
  • Type slow, so that the speed slows down
  • Type wind, if you want to make your error percentage back to 0%, so you could play the game longer

Since the game will be over once you have a lot of misses or 100% error percentage. it is best you have stock up in bonus tiles when you reach the higher levels.

Aside from bonus tiles, you might also have noticed the dark tiles. You have to get the word right on this tile on your first try or else, the speed will increase.

Strategy on Playing Typing Maniac

My strategy in playing depends on what special tiles I get while I level up, but I make sure I have Slow and Wind tiles so I can advance. I also to perfect the scores on the first levels, up to level 10. If I don’t have any error in typing, the bonus points I get on these levels help me make my score high. If I miss to perfect a level I make sure I at least have perfected one of the higher levels. The bonus points are bigger at this point. When I want to do this, I should plan well what bonus tiles to keep and use.

So far, my highest score is 380,344 at Level 19 679,666 at level 26 830,700 at Level 29. The top 1 one on my friend’s list got 921, 680 in Level 27. I am not sure what he did to reach that score. He’s just a random friend though so I could not really ask if he is cheating or not. Could you cheat in this game? Maybe he is really just fast typer, and good at using his power-up tiles.