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Level 24 in Farm Town After 1 Week Playing

After being bored with Mahjong Titans, I decided to try another App in Facebook, the Farm Town. I got interested with Farm Town after seeing a photo of my friend’s farm. I was amazed how a barren land could turned out pretty after few times playing the game. Making a farm online like that was like building my own dream farm.

Despite the low coins when I started the game, I was not discouraged to try the App. Besides games like this really start with almost nothing. I just have to start playing it and I will surely advance.

Farm Town

On my first day, I planted a few grapes, added another App to get free coins, and added my Facebook friends, who are already playing, as my neighbors. I was fortunate I had a lot of friends playing because I could visit their farms and earn coins by working on their farms like weeding. Once I had good amount of coins, I started planting more grapes.

But it was not only the coins from working on my friends’ farms that helped me to advance quickly in the game. I was able to get big jobs from other farmers in the Inn, and Realty. Yeah, me as a newbie got impatient in the Marketplace I went to. So I decided to try the Inn and Realtor without knowing I can just click the Marketplace icon again to be in a different market, and if lucky got a job.

Farm Town

After a few minutes I became determined to upgrade my land to the biggest as soon as possible, so that I could plant more crops, and in return earn more coins, and in return create my beautiful dream farm. Seems impossible eh, but I made it. How?

  • I planted and harvested grapes mostly to get more experience points.
  • I removed the spaces between fields, so I could make more fields.
  • I planned to make my farm as simple as possible. Less expenses on decorations like buildings and fences and trees.
  • When in the marketplace, I made sure I didn’t sound begging for work.
  • Sent messages to my friends who had crops ready to be harvested if I could harvest for them, and good enough one of them replied and let me harvest his pumpkins!
  • I went to the discussion board to look for a good resource and overview of the game, and I did. This one.
  • Whenever I was hired by another farmer, I tried to make a conversation so we could be friends and so he could hire me again next time he has new crops ready for harvest.

So these were my strategies. I started playing in the afternoon of June 22nd, and seven days after I hit level 24, and got the second to the biggest land. I was actually aiming for level 25 so I could get the biggest land, but I wasn’t able to. But level 24 was still a good level to hit in just one week.

Now, I am in level 25, already got the biggest farm, but my goal now has changed. I am not aiming to level up quickly but to save more money so I can create a pretty farm. My strategy has changed too. I won’t plant grapes anymore (or for the meantime) since it’s kinda hard to tend on a big farm. I decided to just plant pumpkins, onions, and peas so I can rest. The first week was tiring anyway. In fact, there were nights on my first week ┬áthat I got up in the middle of the night to harvest my grapes. lol.

Here are some screenshots of my farm on Day 2, Day 5, and Day 7.

Farm Town Day 2

Farm Town Day 5

Farm Town Day 7