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A Short Essay about Friendship

Gaining Gold Coins

All of us need true friends to turn to. As we share our failures and triumphs with them, we experience the warmth and joy.

When I was in sixth grade, one of my teachers taught the class a song that goes “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.” As my classmates and I sang this song, its essence did not concern me. It’s just an ordinary rhyming song for graders anyway. Eight years later, however, singing this song made me feel regretful. Its meaning struck me. From the time I was in sixth grade until I turned twenty, I hadn’t kept a chest of gold coins. I had broken friendships that may had lasted a lifetime. I neglected the presence of my old friends whom were sincere and true. Is this the end?


Don’t cry over a bottle of spilled milk, they sayLosing a number of old friends, however, is worth crying. Crying for something for which we are to blame and can never gain back. Many of us only realized how important our old friends are to us once they are not around anymore. Though we may see them once in a while, it will not be easy to gain them back, especially when trusts were broken. So, to start keeping a chest of gold coins, we just start over again finding new friends.  It’s never too late. Just don’t do the same mistakes again.

This is a revised version of my article that was first published in CEU’s school paper (ca. 2006).