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Countries Filipinos Can Visit using their US Permanent Resident Cards

By on Jun 15, 2011 in Travel | 7 comments

Once Filipinos become US Permanent Resident green card holders, there are 11 countries and territories that they can travel to without applying for a tourist visa to enter as long as they carry with them their valid US Permanent resident cards and Philippine passports (some countries have more restrictions). As I’ve understood, Conditional Resident card holders are not considered legal US Permanent residents since the next application in the process is for Permanent Residency. But the card they get says Permanent Resident. Anyway, the places abroad Filipino card holders can visit are: Country / Territory Restrictions Official Webpage Embassy Phone Numbers in the USA American Samoa None – US Territory +1-808-847-1998 Bermuda Up to 180 days (days unverified) See bottom for Exceptions +1-202-588-7800 British Virgin Islands Up to 30 days – UK Territory(days unverified)...