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Spoiler: Hammerfall Facebook App Playing Tips

For 45 days now, I have been addicted to this awesome game in Facebook called Hammerfall. It take a few minutes before I got the idea that I have to complete quests so I can advance to the other parts of the map, and of course to level up. Completing quests is a fun task for me that’s why I easily got hook. Anyway, here are the things that I did and am doing to advance in the game. As I am writing this I am at level 126.

Completing Quests

Items needed in the quests are mostly near the area where you need it. It’s either you have to go back or move forward then go back. There are also instances that the items you need are in the hidden paths, or from monsters that don’t reveal their drops.

If for instance you can’t figure out where to get the item needed for a quest, just ask yourself if you have completed every quests to where you have been. There’s some tricky quests though, where you can’t find the item/s, even when you go back and check nearby monsters. At times like this, what I just did was move forward and forward to open new places and check if the items needed are there. Once I found them, I just go back when I have a complete stamina recharge.

Read the Sentences/Phrases

Everytime you have completed a quest or killed a monster for the first time, make sure you have read what it/the monster/the person has said. Some of it gives you clues on what to do next. This is especially helpful when you are solving puzzles in the game.

Power / Toughness / Max Stamina / Max Energy / Max Health

You can’t edit your stats, so make sure you are putting your level-up points in the right place, according to your priority.

On the early part of the game, my first priority is adding points in stamina, then energy, and health. I decided first how much maximum stamina is enough for me to play the game better. Since only one stamina point is regenerated every five minutes, I am online most of the time, sleep for about 5 hours, I decided to have a maximum stamina of 60. I added the points on stamina gradually, making sure I have decent max health and energy too. But once I got the guide boots 2x stamina, I increased my goal to about 72 or 80 max stamina.

For other players, their priority is adding points for max health/energy since a higher maximum health/energy will keep them from eating/drinking regenerating items while fighting monsters. The deciding factors will be the costs of sprites or bread, and how much are lost while fighting.

Adding points to Power and Toughness don’t help much, since you can easily increase your Attack and Defense by acquiring new weapons, and making sure every member of your guild has decent weapons. Although adding power and toughness points will be a great help at the latter part of the game, if almost everyone have acquired the maximum number of guild members and have all the best weapons in the game.

Adding Guild Members

I invited my friends to play the game. I also checked the Legends page and randomly add people from there to be my friends, then I invited them to be part of my guild. I also checked the Raids page, not to raid the players but to add them too as friends. Some players say, that once these people are part of your guild, you can remove them as Facebook friends, but they still stay in your guild.

Be part of the Hammerfall Group and befriend players. Then again. invite more of your friends.


Always check what each store are selling in every town.

Don’t sell drops

Selling drops will give you money to buy food/sprites/elexirs, but later in the game, you will need some of the drops, and it’s a pain in the neck to go back to those monsters and fight them again, especially if you don’t have a high stamina. Most of the drops only cost about 15 gold so not really worthy to sell them, but you can sell weapons you think you don’t need anymore. Money will be easy later in the game anyway, once you know how to farm.


This game is not a race, so, as long as you can see a quests with good deal on the item drop rate, and the drop is rare and can never be bough in stores, keep keep doing the quests. When you are satisfied with the items you acquired, move forward, you can go back anyway if you want to farm again. You can get more farming tips from the official discussion board.


Remember to fight the bosses every 24 hours. The counting starts after you killed the boss. It’s really a 24-hour cycle.

Discussion Board

Read the discussion board for other game tips and to socialize with other players. Some players give you a link to the Hammerfall wiki site and the map of the game.

Hammerfall Facebook App and the New Images

I have been playing Hammerfall for a month and a half now. It is a Facebook App, a level-up game, a fantasy role playing game where you need to complete quests, collect items, and build your own guild to advance. At first, I said it was a boring game because all you do is click, click, and click. But after a few minutes on trying the game, I got addicted. I like completing quests anyway like what I did in Ragnarok, also a level-up game from Korea.

Hammerfall is not just a famous Facebook application. It is also a controversial App. Artists from Devianart claimed that the images in the game are their artworks and were used without their permission.  This created a fuss in Hammerfall’s official and unofficial discussion boards, and especially in Devart. Developers insist, that as far as they know, they have acquired the images legally and whoever says their artwork has stolen should send a message to the developer.

About two days ago though, the controversial images were removed from the game. Developers explained that the company where they bought the images turned out to have scammed them. And to help them find replacement for the images, players were asked to suggest images in exchange of honor points if their images are chosen.

What’s the point of blogging this story?


Well, it is interesting to me how developers are using their players to help them. I guess that is a cool idea so that players feel they are part of the game development, and I guess for them to save time too as they try to settle the legal issues. And with players also voting, players are in control of what image to be shown, and will discourage others to abuse the power to upload a lousy image.

With honor points given as the reward for images chosen, it is a great motivation for players to share. Take note 100 honor points. Wow, that really is a big reward that will help players level up fast. I wish I have enough time to look.


Uniformity of images is lost in the game. Most of the images came from the same artists, thus the artworks has sort of character in it. That is what I am missing from the game since anyone can just upload anything they want. I just hope that one player who is also a great artist in real life, will offer his images to the game, or contact the developer to offer his service.