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Spoiler: Hammerfall Facebook App Playing Tips

By on Feb 16, 2009 in Facebook, Games | 3 comments

For 45 days now, I have been addicted to this awesome game in Facebook called Hammerfall. It take a few minutes before I got the idea that I have to complete quests so I can advance to the other parts of the map, and of course to level up. Completing quests is a fun task for me that’s why I easily got hook. Anyway, here are the things that I did and am doing to advance in the game. As I am writing this I am at level 126. Completing Quests Items needed in the quests are mostly near the area where you need it. It’s either you have to go back or move forward then go back. There are also instances that the items you need are in the hidden paths, or from monsters that don’t reveal their drops. If for instance you can’t figure out where to get the item needed for a quest, just ask yourself if you have completed every quests to where you have been. There’s some...

Hammerfall Facebook App and the New Images

By on Feb 8, 2009 in Facebook, Games | 0 comments

I have been playing Hammerfall for a month and a half now. It is a Facebook App, a level-up game, a fantasy role playing game where you need to complete quests, collect items, and build your own guild to advance. At first, I said it was a boring game because all you do is click, click, and click. But after a few minutes on trying the game, I got addicted. I like completing quests anyway like what I did in Ragnarok, also a level-up game from Korea. Hammerfall is not just a famous Facebook application. It is also a controversial App. Artists from Devianart claimed that the images in the game are their artworks and were used without their permission. ┬áThis created a fuss in Hammerfall’s official and unofficial discussion boards, and especially in Devart. Developers insist, that as far as they know, they have acquired the images legally and whoever says their artwork has stolen...