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Stock Investing App on Facebook

By on Jul 14, 2009 in Facebook, Miscellaneous |

I am into a lot of Facebook apps lately, if you have noticed–Typing Maniac, Farm Town, Mafia Wars, and Word Island. At the same time, I am also into investing books. So, I got curious if there is one app about investing that I could play in Facebook. Perhaps a virtual practice account in investing like the one I have in Luckily, there is a Facebook app! A stock investing simulator called kaChing, which uses the actual data in the US stock markets. So far, I like using kaChing app more than the virtual stocks account I have in Investopedia. You know why? Because I have $10,000,000 in the virtual portfolio which is a higher amount than the one I have in my Investopedia practice account. I can buy more stocks, and trade more here in kaChing....

Investopedia Stock Simulator

By on Jul 11, 2009 in Miscellaneous | 2 comments

After I finished reading the book “The Small Investor” by Jim Gard, I have decided to practice what I’ve learned about investing. I don’t have the money yet to invest so the only way I can gain experience is to get a free investing practice account. has one. Actually, late last year, I already signed up for this practice account or Investopedia’s stock simulator. However, I didn’t know much about investing that time, that I just ignored my account after creating it. So today, I just reopened my practice account in, and see how the account looks like. ┬áIt has a virtual amount of $100,857.75. I think the 857.75 was a profit from a default stock when I opened the virtual account last year. I really don’t remember. But anyway, with this amount I should really be able to get a good start. Now what? Should I start investing with my virtual money? No. I will evaluate first the different investment strategies in stock trading, and see what might work best for me. I would think about what risks I am willing to take, and what are my investment goals if this is a real portfolio. Yeah, this isn’t real money, why would I be worried about risks? I should. That’s why it is a practice account so I could test the water before I jump in. I want to take this seriously so that when I get the real money, I will have a better idea what stocks to buy, although of course the market may move differently when that time arrives. P.S. I still have not looked up for virtual practice accounts for bonds and mutual funds. I should have them so I would know how to diversify my real investments in the...