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Scour: The Social Search Engine


I discovered a new search engine a few days ago, and that is Scour.Com. It’s different from Google, Yahoo, or MSN, or any other search engines you know because it promises to pay you back for using it. Actually, it will take time before you can get that $25 visa gift card because you have to earn 6500 points. The points would be 1 point for searching, 2 points for voting, and 3 points for commenting, but you can only earn up to 4 points per search you do, despite searching, voting, and commenting in one search.

Aside from the points you get while searching, you will also earn points from the points of your referrals. So the more referrals you’ve got that use Scour, the easier you can earn that 6500 points.

One more thing about Scour is that they also have the search results of Google, Yahoo, and MSN aside from their own search results. You just have to click each tab to see what they are. I still don’t know though how do they send the prize since they weren’t informative on this matter as of now. They are still in Beta anyways.

As I am writing this post, the Scour leader only has 151 points, and I am on top 4 garnering 65 Scour points. You can still catch up! Try it now here. If you want to share your points with me, you can email me at reahguev[at]gmail[dot]com so I can send you a Scour invitation.