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Tips on How to Study Better and Get Better Scores on Exams

By on May 31, 2011 in Education | 24 comments

Do you dread exams? Don’t worry, a lot of us do. But instead of you becoming anxious about it, you can look at it in a more positive way. Exams are measurements of our understanding. Teachers and professionals continually provide these to assess our knowledge and skills. Therefore, the real key here is understanding yourself and create a study plan. This is how you do it. First, find out what type of learner you are so that you will understand the ways that can help you retain knowledge easily and which ways enable you to comprehend better. The types of learning are: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, read-write, and multimodal . Visual Learner – A visual type of learner is someone who understands better with highlighted terms, colored images or non-colored images, and their own scribbled notes.  To retain information, they connect new ideas to prior knowledge or closes their...