One thought on “US Embassy in the Philippines

  1. I a petitioner from the U.S.A., and a registered nurse. I just want to share what my mom and my nephew encountered with the SLEC employees! My mom had undergone her medical examination last Monday and she was accompanied with my nephew! I cannot just keep my mouth shut! Some of their employees are rude!! From ground floor to 5th floor! They are all bastos! One of them is the old woman sa cashier! All she cares is getting our money! She even don’t know how to smile!!! Aren’t you guys know what is a customer service?? Damn! Also the receptionists at the 4th floor! Next is the old woman at the 3rd floor, my nephew described her as kulot and wearing eyeglasses! She is also bastos!.. The one they call MANAGER at 2nd floor does not know how to handle complaints! And they calls herself as a MANAGER?? Even the releasing nurse sa ground floor, the one with big eyes and kalbo, I am not sure if it is EVO or IVO or NIVO!! I am also a nurse and I know how to act like a professional one! But these medical staffs didn’t know how! I don’t think these employees have the appropriate educational background to be in their positions! Are they all licensed? I WOULD LIKE TO CALL THE ATTENTION OF THE U.S. EMBASSY! THE EMBASSY SHOULD RECONSIDER HIRING INCOMPETENT STAFF AND MANAGEMENT IN THAT CLINIC!! so there..

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