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Use Images and Charts to Learn Descriptive Words

By on Sep 6, 2011 in Education, English Language | 5 comments

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Growing up, I had a limited English word list to describe emotions, actions, or even people in certain ways. During the past three years, however, I’ve been adding new adjectives to my list more actively than before. One of the ways I’ve been doing to learn new adjectives is using images and charts.

Back when I was in high school in the Philippines, I looked at a facial expression chart posted inside our guidance counselor’s office. Drawn in the chart were faces showing different emotions, and below each face was the English word to describe the expression. I didn’t think of learning words from the chart that time. I just thought it was creative and cool. Now, I think of it as a learning tool as well.

Using the facial expression chart as a learning tool was probably the primary intention of the first person who created a chart like this. And it’s good that I found some charts online to show to you as examples.

The first facial expression chart is from Bardsville. Take a look at the “big” adjectives used in the chart such as incredulous and despondent.

The second facial expression chart, posted below, was created by Cedarseed to illustrate how to draw different faces. Cedarseed made it as a guide for artists, but it is also a very good chart to get familiarized with the faces and the words of facial expressions.

The last image is not a facial expression chart but a screenshot taken from’s Adjectives page.

Now, with the image samples displayed above, do you think it is easier to learn some adjectives using images with text rather than learning them from using words alone?