Uses of a Brick and a Blanket Test


I finished reading the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. To convey his idea, one of the thing he used was a Diversion Test. What I had to do was write down all the different uses I could think for the following objects:

1.  a brick

2. a blanket

Since I found this activity interesting, I am sharing my answers. Actually, I listed several uses while I was reading page 97. I only  saw the answers of one student that Gladwell mentioned after I listed my answers, so I did not cheat, ok? But I guess, I had plenty of time to list more uses now, since it’s been like an hour since I read page 97.

Uses for a brick:

  1. Use with other bricks to make a wall
  2. Something to get on to when you are peeking on someone else’s house window
  3. To cover a hole
  4. As a paperweight
  5. To throw to someone you don’t like (horrible idea)
  6. To use as a toy for older children wanting to build a house.
  7. To hit onto someone who wants to kill you (another gruesome idea)
  8. Use it to kill an insect you are scared of.
  9. Book dividers
  10. Use as a temporary bridge when there is a half feet water on your way and you don’t want to get wet.
  11. To block small amount of water flowing
  12. As a physical marker
  13. As a hammer
  14. To throw into well just so you know how deep it is.
  15. Use to write stuff on the beach sand
  16. Use it to break the window so you can escape
  17. To hit the wall or a metal object to make a sound when you need help and you cannot walk or able to talk loud
  18. To break a locked door knob so you can get in.
  19. Something to sit on while camping or everywhere
  20. To break a fresh coconut.
  21. To carve a message on.
  22. Put a picture on one of its wider area.
  23. Use it as your sculpture canvass
  24. Break the brick into sand-like particles and use it as the sand for your sand timer.
  25. Break the brick into smaller pieces and use it to create a creative line around your flowers.
  26. Heat the brick as a heat conductor for cooking.

Uses for a blanket:

  1. Sheet that covers you while sleeping (obviously)
  2. Sheet that covers you when you are hiding (for fun)
  3. Your bed sheet
  4. Fold it and use it as a small bed for your baby.
  5. Use it as a sail for a boat.
  6. Use it as a curtain.
  7. Hang it onto a string so you can have a divider in your room (if you are sharing a space with someone)
  8. Hammock
  9. As a pillow
  10. Picnic cover to sit onto
  11. Use it as your base when ironing clothes
  12. Use it as an emergency bag
  13. As tablecloth
  14. Use it as a dress or to cover your body
  15. Towel replacement if there’s none
  16. To cover things in your house that you don’t want other people to see (unwanted visitors or visitors without notice)
  17. Use as an escape rope
  18. Covers yourself while you are undressing and dressing up.
  19. Covers you and your partner having sex in a public place.
  20. As a tent
  21. Awning
  22. Your very big cloth filter
  23. Use as a rope to wrap around someone
  24. Cut into pieces and use these as rags.
  25. Just use the whole blanker as a rag.
  26. To absorb a lot of spilled water on the floor.
  27. Cut into smaller pieces to create a cloth book. Write something on it. (artistic)
  28. Use it as a canvas for your painting
  29. Put your protest notes here and hang it by your window.
  30. Write a love letter here.