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When blogging starts to become a chore, it sucks

By on Aug 25, 2008 in Blogging | 0 comments

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It’s interesting that my dear friend Chris admitted he suck at blogging. Well, I agree he sucks if the reason of keeping his blog is to earn from it, because a blogger should really keep his blog updated to keep his readers grow. But Chris blogs because he just want to share interesting things to his readers. And if he has not updated lately, I think the reason behind it is just that, he is saying to himself “I need to write to a post because I have to update my blog,” and he’ll end up not writing at all because it now sounds like a commitment to keep a blog.

It’s just that, there is a huge difference between “I need to blog today,” and “I want to blog today”. And I prefer to say the latter. Thinking that I need to publish an article next week just to keep my blog updated makes me want to not blog at all. Don’t you agree it’s annoying to think of a topic when you are not in the mood to write? Why don’t you just blog when you feel inspired to write?

Today, I am inspired to write, that’s why I have this post and my last blog post was two months ago. Cool eh? In fact, I’ll be blogging in the next few days, until I am not in the mood again to write.

Anyways, I like Chris posts. I like his writing style. Chris views enlightens me on internet marketing and other stuff, and his ramblings are interesting. If only he has the motivation to write regularly, he can be one of the famous blogger out there. I believe he’ll keep on writing, it’s just that he needs to feel inspired to write.

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