Yay! WordPress 2.7 Now Available

I posted a sneak preview a few weeks ago about this cool version of WordPress, the 2.7. And now it is finally available for download! Although, although, and although again, I have waited for this, I have no time yet to install WordPress 2.7 in our blogs. I have already tried it though in WordPress.com so I am fine with that at the moment. But one just quick comment, I don’t like what they did on the Write a Post box. It’s too small! I want a big one!

2 thoughts on “Yay! WordPress 2.7 Now Available

  1. Did you mean the “Quickpress”?
    Quickpress is just the ‘express’ way to post something. If you want the big one, it is still available like ever befor, at the sidebar: Posts > Add New.

    At first, I was confused with its new layout. But as time goes by, I love the new one. 🙂


  2. No, not the quickpress.
    It’s the Posts > Add New

    But actually, when you said it’s still the same size, I thought you might be right.

    So, I checked wp-admin/post-new.php

    It’s the same size when I look at it. It was small as I had described, but I tried exploring other features of the page. I thought that maybe there’s an option for me to hide the left sidebar where the admin menu is located.

    I found one strange button near the dashboard, and clicked it, and the menu was hidden, and the post box got bigger just like you said.

    But, comparing its size to the old versions, it is still smaller. Well, I guess it’s still fine. And also better, since now I know I have to click the button to hide the menu.

    Thanks for informing me Rio. =)

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